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Black Friday 2022 Bundle 1

5 matches for $100, a $55 savings!

Jonny Firestorm vs. Austin Cooper – Low Blow Challenge $25

Jonny and Austin go back and forth smashing each other’s balls to see who has the toughest testicles.

Aryx Quinn vs. Kip Sorell $25

Hunk heaven. Dream boat Kip takes on underground wrestling’s bad boy, Aryx Quinn. Kip starts tied up in he corner and Aryx takes full advantaged of his roped up foe.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Skip Vance – Bondage $35

Skip gets pulled into the ring on a leash. He’s already been made Jonny’s pet play toy, and a willing one at that. Jonny’s idea of playing is a variety of slams, even on overhead press! He finds himself cuffed to the ropes at one point, spanked, whipped with a riding crop and more! Skip gets tortured in a variety of holds before being stripped and punished more. The blond jobber can’t help but stroke himself in pleasure as he’s worked over by Master Jonny.

Jonny Firestorm & Ethan Andrews vs. Brad Barnes & Braden Charron $35

Tag team chaos! Morgan Cruise is the “impartial” special guest referee. Ultimately the beefy baby faces get slammed, stretched and stripped at the hands of Jonny & Ethan.

Ball Bash Olympics 3: Jonny Firestorm vs. Kayden Keller $35

Kayden comes to help Jonny get his ball bash training back on track after a disappointing finish in the Ball Bash Olympic Summer Games. He might wish he stayed home, he’s stripped, squeezed, bashed and ball tortured till he’s purple in the face and his manhood is destroyed.

5 matches for $100, a $55 savings!

Black Friday 2022 Bundle 2

5 matches for $100, a $45 savings!

Jonny Firestorm vs. Braden Charron – You’re Next $25

Jonny decimates the bare footed bikini clad muscle hunk. All while threatening YOU through the camera that he’s coming to do the same to you next.

Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black $25

Best friends and school mates as youths, these two wrestling studs meet in the ring to settle an old grudge. Hardbodies and hard hitting action.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander – Power Ball Bash $35

Poor Ty has been on the receiving end of more beatings from Jonny than he can count. This particular one is especially punishing. Jonny mixes up his punishment into a 50/50 split of ball bashing and punishing power moves like slams, suplexes, power bombs and piledrivers. Ty gets stripped from his speedo to a jock, and finally down to nothing.

Jonny Firestorm & Kip Sorell vs. Christian Taylor

Kip usually finds himself on the receiving end of the beatings. This time he’s being mentored by Jonny to develop some of his heel skills. He gets an A for effort, and looks hot punishing Christian Taylor.

Ball Bash Olympics 4: Jonny Firestorm vs. Freddy Campbell $35

Freddy signs a contract to become the newest Ball Bash Olympic training partner for Jonny. The big balled babyface gets one hell of a ball busting. Forced to strip from his speedo to a jockstrap with a removable pouch, poor Freddy even has his nuts placed on a stool and bashed into the hard wood. Speaking of hard wood, Jonny bashes Freddy as he strokes himself. Does Jonny let him finish, or does he bash the desire right out of him?

5 matches for $100, a $45 savings!

Jonny Firestorm vs. Chace LaChance

In this scenario Jonny is the leader of a twisted heel cult of wrestlers, who have already done a number on Chase LaChance. Jonny enters and continues Chase’s destruction. Chase has a choice to make, submit totally to Jonny and serve him and the heels as they command or face an endless onslaught of abuse from them. Chase gets wedged, stretched and pounded like only Jonny can deliver.

32 minutes. $25.       

Sleepers 1: Jonny Firestorm vs. Damien Rush

Damien Rush is in the ring flexing his massive muscles. Completely unaware that Jonny is lurking in the shadows. Firestorm sneak attacks the beefcake from behind and instantly KO’s him in a sleeper hold. Damien doesn’t get a chance to gain his composure at all, Jonny continuously knocks the stud out again and again with a variety of sleepers. Standing, on the mat, in the ropes and corner. Nowhere is safe for Damien. A sleeper hold lover’s dream!

21 minutes. $25.      

Shorts: Jonny Firestorm vs. Mason Brooks – on the mats

Jonny and Mason were hanging out having a few late night drinks during the last BG East shoot. One thing led to another and the two found their way down to the mat room. The bout starts with Mason giggling at Jonny in his pink underwear. Bad idea Mason. The Out Games medalist takes the sexy singleted grappler down to the mat. Whatever horseplay and commodity that occurred prior to one of the other wrestlers grabbing a camera to record this encounter just went out the window. Mason is established as a tough mat man, but Jonny’s no slouch on the mats either. A back and forth mat match that even includes another pause in the action so the battling buds can take another shot together. Jonny makes sure to spank Mason’s exposed ass anytime an opportunity presents itself. One competitor is left face down and ass up at the end of the match.

Shorts: Jonny Firestorm vs. Mason Brooks- on the mats – 10 minutes, $15. – on sale till 11/7, save $5! Discount is automatically applied at checkout if you use the ADD TO CART BUTTON, $10!


Scissors Challenge: Jonny Firestorm vs. Forrest Taylor

Jonny Firestorm vs. Forrest Taylor – the Scissors Challenge – 21 minutes, $25.


Red headed rookie Forrest Taylor has taken the underground wrestling world by storm, and now he’s going to square off with the best of the best. After admiring and rubbing down Forrest’s quads, Jonny declares this bout should be a special scissor hold challenge. Whoever can get the most submissions by scissor holds wins. If there’s a double submission than the winner is decided by how quickly they gained the submission. Once gaining a submission hold, the wrestler gets to position their opponent however they’d like for the next scissor hold. Forrest seems confident, and for good reason, his legs have made plenty of worthy opponents submit. Are they strong enough to subdue Firestorm?

Jonny and Forrest waste no time showing one another just how powerful their legs are. Multiple submissions from both men echo throughout the arena as their quads clamp down around each other. Not many people can put Jonny to the test, but even he is willing to admit Forrest’s legs are legit. Can the ginger grappler pull out an upset win? Or will Jonny’s thick vice like quads crush the newcomer? And to make things even better, this match is the first match being offered with newer, higher video quality!


Jonny Firestorm vs. Forrest Taylor – the Scissors Challenge – 21 minutes, $25.


Domination: Jonny Firestorm vs. Aryx Quinn

You’ve seen Aryx and Jonny square up before. But never like this. I’m not sure you’ve ever seen a match like this. If you like scientific wrestling, flashy reversals and flips, this match isn’t for you. If you want to see one man totally abuse 200+ pounds of muscle hunk, this is going to be the match for you. I don’t even think theres one single submission hold in this total annihilation. Aryx gets his body totally worked over, his pecs and abs are brutalized by punches, forearms, chops and chair shots. His back is broken my multiple slams and throws. He’s rammed into the ring post and thrown into walls repeatedly. The steel chair bends and nearly breaks after smashing repeatedly over Aryx’s battered body. Jonny even breaks out a chain link fence to torture his victim more. 24 minutes of methodical, real beat down. You won’t see thigh slaps or fake hits in this match. The action is as real as it gets, and Aryx is totally pulverized by the end of this manhandling. The price of this match reflects it’s uniqueness. Jonny’s never given out a beating like this quite before, Aryx certainly hasn’t taken one like this. A match thats totally unique because of it’s brutality.

24 minutes, $50.


Jock Fight: Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander

Jonny and Ty have fought numerous times, often with Jonny dominating the bubble butted jobber. This fight ranks up there with the hottest of their encounters. By popular demand, one of the rarest Jonny matches ever filmed is finally being released for good, a jock strap ring battle. Ty suffers beautifully as Jonny abuses the helpless jobber. KO’s, gut punching, spanking, scissors, racks, tombstones, slams, a stink face and more! Over 30 minutes of jobber torture.

31 minutes, $35.


Point of View 1: Jonny Firestorm vs. Jake Lowe

At the time of it’s initial release, this was a first of it’s kind concept match. Since then others have copied the idea. And who can blame them? If you can’t beat ’em, copy ’em, and who better than Jonny Firestorm to get some inspiration from? See what it’s like to be on the giving & receiving end of a Jonny squash match. From my perspective, you get to see the eagerness in Jake’s eyes as he’s relentlessly punished. Don’t let the pain fool you though, he loves it and you can tell. From Jake’s perspective you can see how terrifying it is to have a master heel about to unleash hell upon you. 40 minutes of fun, even without a real ending (spoiler alert, I won).

40 minutes. $25*      * note: there is no definitve ending to this match, the POV camera battery died. It ends in a decent spot after 40 min

Jonny Firestorm vs. Kip Sorell- Unfaithful

Jonny likes his jobbers to be subservient and loyal. He happens to find out Kip has been seeing some of the other heels behind his back. Jonny will leave Kip wondering if the fun he had was worth the punishment he’s about to endure. Kip gets his hunky body worked over from head to toe, and he looks great suffering. A barefooted ring beatdown!

27 minutes, $25