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Bundle: Firestorm Birthday Bundle 3

Jonny Firestorm vs. Skip Vance – Bondage Beatdown

Skip’s abused and stripped nude. Skip has restraints used on him and starts to J/O.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Aryx Quinn- No Holds Barred

Always cocky, always a challenge. Jonny goes toe to toe and strips his favorite hunk.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Kayden Keller – Ring Wars

Battle of the bad asses. Kayden and Jonny square off inside and outside of the ring!

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Bundle: Firestorm Birthday Bundle 2

Jonny Firestorm vs. Kip Sorell – Army

Can Kip survive Firestorm bootcamp? Jonny puts the handsome stud to the test.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Forrest Taylor

Forrest doesn’t backdown from Jonny. Will he finally be able to secure his first win?

Jonny Firestorm vs. Kirk Donahue – Low Blows

Low blow centered match. By the end of the bout both are in thongs!

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Bundle: W4H 2

Three  more Jonny squash matches from W4H

Jonny vs. Lucas Le’Mon

Jonny vs. Marco

Jonny vs Rico Rave

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Bundle: Firestorm Birthday Bundle 1

Jonny Firestorm vs. Charlie Panther – Top Team

A young shaved muscled Jonny battles Charlie Panther to see if he’s worthy of the “top team”

Jonny Firestorm vs. Austin Cooper – Low Blow Challenge

A back and forth low blow challenge, who will have their balls break first?

Jonny Firestorm vs. Charlie Evans

Little Charlie sneak attacks Jonny, but ends up getting absolutely demolished.

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Bundle: W4H 1

From Wrestler 4 Hire, 3 Jonny squash matches against


Sky Davies

Charlie Panther

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Bundle: Ball Bash Olympics

If you’re a ball bash fan this bundle is for you. For the first time ever all 4 Ball Bash Olympic videos are being offered together as a bundle at a special sale price. Save $40 by buying this special limited time offer!

Jonny vs. Drake Marcos

Jonny vs. Ty Alexander

Jonny vs Kayden Keller

Jonny vs Freddy Campbell

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Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black

Jake Jenkins and Eli Black are both very skilled, tough, and tenacious. Sometimes you’re just off your game, and your opponent manhandles you. Thats exactly what happens to ripped stud, Eli Black. He’s still tough and tenacious, hanging on in submissions as long as possible before submitting. Today just isn’t his day though. Jake seemingly takes joy in destroying Eli limb by limb. Watching his muscles pop, abs ripple, and face contort in agony at his hands. Jake’s unique pro/amateur hybrid style is on full display in this bout.

Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black 27 minutes $25


Jonny Firestorm vs. Mickey Knoxx

New to the scene, Mickey Knoxx walks right into the lions den. Did he know what he was getting into beforehand? Jonny invited him to his hotel room to give him a massage after his match with Ben Monaco. As soon as he works out the knot that was bothering Jonny, it’s go time. Jonny pounces on the newcomer and rips into him without mercy. Mickey’s bulge is assaulted during submissions, after submissions, when he’s standing, when he’s on his back… it’s just assaulted at all points. Jonny marvels at the rookie’s suffering, and gives it to him even harder each time. Switching to his abs, Jonny makes the jobber kiss his fist before he drives it hard into his midsection repeatedly. Mickey is manhandled. Will there be any of him left for future opponents?

Jonny Firestorm vs. Mickey Knoxx 20 minutes $25


Jonny Firestorm vs. Ben Monaco

Jonny and Ben have both been around the wrestling scene for quite some time. Somehow their paths haven’t crossed, until now. The two agree to meet for a hotel match. The match begins as Jonny and Ben flex at each other, trying to intimidate their opponent. Ben surprises Jonny by interrupting his posing with a surprise reverse bearhug. It’s on! Back and forth hotel grappling between two beefy hairy men. Ben doesn’t hold back, and momentum seems to be on his side. Jonny won’t go down without a fight though. Low blows, bear hugs, pec pounding, leg splits and more! Will Ben score an upset victory over Jonny?

Jonny Firestorm vs. Ben Monaco 20 minutes $25


Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander: Unfaithful

Ty is one of Jonny’s go to kept jobbers. When Jonny hears that Ty met up with another wrestler earlier in the day without his permission, it leaves him no choice but to discipline him. Jonny manhandles the bubble butted jobber with no mercy. He strips Ty layer by layer as the match progresses. Multiple high impact slams and weapons come into the fold. This is a beating Ty will never forget, and one that Jonny loved to dish out.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander: Unfaithful 23:30 minutes $25