Domination: Jonny Firestorm vs. Jack Norwood

Poor. Jack. Norwood. Jonny overpowers him from the get go and doesn’t let up. Instead of any nuanced submissions, or finesse moves, Jonny just overpowers and manhandles his opponent. Jack is power lifted into the air where he’s slammed, suplexed, and thrown all over the squared circle. Jonny doesn’t let up, unleashing a flurry of power based submission holds that squeeze and crush Jack into a puddle of jobber liquids. In the moments Jonny lets up on the destruction, he forces Jack to muscle worship him, sniff his pits, and get buried under his crotch. A true demolition from the king of domination.

Domination: Jonny Firestorm vs. Jack Norwood 21 minutes $25


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