Point of View 3: Aryx Quinn

Have you ever wanted to get up close and intimate with one of the biggest stars in wrestling? This is your chance. This POV match puts you and Aryx face to face in a hotel. You’re coworkers in town to deliver a presentation, when a conflict arises you find yourself on the wrong end of Aryx’s wrath and he’s going hard. No pun intended, his swelling bulge is very prominent throughout the match. You muscle worship the stud, but it doesn’t satisfy him. He ball bashes you several times, applies his infamous Quinn-lock, and even sucks on your fingers. Aryx has you just where he wants you as your locked in his boulder like arms and sleepered out. Then he forces you to strip his skimpy underwear off. Lots of sexy close up pins throughout. A POV muscle humiliation!

Point of View 3: Aryx Quinn 26 minutes $35


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