Custom Videos

“Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it, any way you want it!”

Have an idea for a custom match? I’d love to hear it. Please, serious inquires only.

Things to consider and include while inquiring about custom match videos.

Wrestlers involved. I have access to a wide variety of wrestlers including wrestlers not seen on any website. Standard one on one, 2 on 1, tag team matches or more.

Gear. What type of gear are we wearing?

Location. Where will the match be taking place?

Scenario. Let your imagination run wild, I’ll let you know if it’s possible.

Specific holds. Are there specific holds that definitely need to be included in the match?

Script. Do you want to let me craft the match, or do you want to sit in the directors chair and give me a detailed script to follow?

Duration. How long should the match be? A typical match runs between 20-30 on average.

Delivery. Want a DVD or a download? Hell I suppose I could find a way to make a VHS tape if you really wanted.

Cost. Custom matches aren’t for everybody. Keep in mind I need to pay the wrestlers, camera person, and whoever is doing the post production. with all the information above and we can start our collaboration.


  • C. VA

    I’ve been searching for years for a truly satisfactory custom match experience without much success — until I found Jonny Firestorm’s offer. From beginning to end, Jonny gave me a premium experience — fast communication, honest feedback, reliable delivery, and most of all, an outstanding product. If you’ve seen Jonny wrestle before, his great custom matches should be no surprise – he’s an incredibly skilled and experienced wrestler who always finds a way to work seamlessly with his opponent no matter what the role. I gave him a complicated script, and not only did he get it 100% right, he added his own touches which made the match even better. As Jonny himself said, custom matches aren’t for everyone – there are lots of costs that go into a good product. Jonny doesn’t cut corners and genuinely cares about quality. I definitely would like to do more custom matches with him in the future.