Ball Bash League Championship

A mysterious masked man shows up and absolutely dominates Jonny to start this bout off. Even when Jonny starts to mount any type of comeback, the masked wrestler turns things back around on him. If things keep up, Jonny will be the one having his balls smashed. Just when it seems like he’s going to hit his breaking point, Jonny hits a well timed shot to the masked man’s crotch. Down he goes, and momentum begins to swing back in Jonny’s direction. That doesn’t mean it’s a squash, these two battle it out for over an hour. Flying off the top rope, torture racking and bashing their opponent’s balls in the air, and being hung upside down in a tree of woe. Jonny eventually strips the mask off his opponent, but doesn’t stop there, he’s stripped of his trunks as well! Eventually Jonny totally demolishes his opponents balls. Totally battered and crushed, his balls somehow manage to produce a load that Jonny forces out of his opponent while in a figure 4 leg lock. An explosive title bout!

Ball Bash League Championship 66 minutes $40


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