Private Matches

“To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man”.

I am the man. There’s no way around it. I have the perfect combination of strength, speed, agility, endurance and wrestling skill. I consider myself to be the very best wrestler out there. How do you think you stack up?

Things to consider and include while inquiring about private matches.

Wrestlers involved. Are we going one on one, man to man? Or are you a realist? You obviously will need some help, grab a partner and I’ll take both of you on! Maybe you’re a glutton for punishment? I have plenty of friends that’ll help me beat on you.

Date. When do you want to get together?

Gear. What type of gear are we wearing?

Location. Where will the match be taking place? I have access to the BG East ring, or mat room (in both MA and FL), or I can travel.

Scenario. Let your imagination run wild, I’ll let you know if it’s possible. Back and forth, you as a jobber, me as a jobber? Competitive, fantasy, submission, pro style?

Specific holds. Are there specific holds that you want to do or have done to you?

Duration. I offer 1/2 hour, 1 hour, or 2 hour sessions. Longer sessions are available as well.

Cost. You get what you pay for. I know there’s other wrestlers that do sessions for less than I do. Let’s call it like it is though, other than Cameron Matthews, there’s not another wrestler even close to being in my league. My rates are fair and I’ve never had a bad session. with all the information above and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Skeptical? Read 100% real, unedited testimonials from people who have wrestled me.

  • B. IL

    I have wrestled Jonny a couple of times now. I am not being completely honest here because wrestling means a match between 2 opponents. I am strong and have experience though I tend to the jobber side of things. I am always looking for skilled opponents who know a variety of styles and holds with the body and personality to make it fun. Jonny toyed with me from the outset (in a good way).

    Jonny surpassed my wildest dreams. That boy has 1000 holds and can slap on endless pins and submissions effortlessly. I had a few I wanted to try and he knew them all with countless variations. He also has an appropriate mean streak and liked humiliating an opponent while never risking causing an injury. And his body rocks especially those amazing guns.

    Now here’s the part he may not want me to share. He is as nice and honest a guy as you could ever meet. If you are a newcomer or experienced wrestler, don’t pass up this opportunity to wrestle the consummate pro. Opportunities like this don’t come along often in life.

  • G. MA

    Can t tell you how much fun it is to spend an hour or two in the ring with Jonny Firestorm. Whether you dream of being a heel or a jobber, Jonny delivers and never disappoints. I ve always loved the spectacle that is pro wrestling and now , thru Jonny, I got to experience a little bit of that world. He s incredibly kind and patient – will take time to show you various holds and if you want to do your own storyline , he s right there from start to finish.

    Yes, this costs money but so doesn t those other fantasy camps like baseball and other sports. The ring I used is the sweetest ring you ll find. So what are you waiting for ? ! After your first match, you ll be looking at your calendar for round 2 ! I guarantee it !

  • P. CT

    Jonny has that rare ability to cater to your needs. A consummate professional, he can go at any level, in any scenario his opponent would like. I have wrestled him several times, and each time has been different and more enjoyable than the previous time. Unlike others, he is not there to just take your money. He wants to make sure you are satisfied, and believe me when I tell you, you WILL be. You’ll keep coming back for more….I know I do.

  • R. NY

    Jonny is a great wrestler and a fun match. He is a beast on the mat; extremely strong and skilled, but also safe and sane. He will give you as much fight as you can handle but is always controlled and friendly. He is in great shape and very personable, and I am definitely making the trip up to Massachusetts for a rematch :).

  • Scott Williams. MA

    Regarding Jonny Firestorm

    I’m at a loss to think of another wrestler who has always been such a complete pain in my ass. Cocky, Arrogant, Mouthy, Sarcastic, Egotistical, Disrespectful, are the first words that come to mind when I think of this punk, Jonny Firestorm. The first time I met him I thought someone dropped him off at the wrong place for day care.

    That said. I unfortunately have to also add the words, Skilled, Punishing, Brutal, Sadistic and Relentless. I have never left the ring or mats, after a match with him, without having been thoroughly worked over and put through wringer in one brutal submission hold after another. No matter how much punishment I dole out, he’s come back with more, and whatever advantage I may have had is short lived. Don’t be fooled by the “Gee, I’m just an easy going guy who happens to wrestle” look on this guys face. He’ll shake your hand when you meet in the ring and sabotage you as soon as you turn your back.

    But hey, this is the punishing sport of Wrestling. You must be prepared for anything, including the beating that will certainly be yours if you don’t bring your best game into a match with Jonny Firestorm.

  • A. UK

    Had a great wrestling experience with Jonny. Very decent fella who knows his holds and moves! Can work you over incredibly well and finish you for the 123 with whatever move you like. He can also take some punishment!! You will get a great fun workout! Jonny is in incredible shape and will no doubt get the 123 in the end! Highly recommended!

  • D. SC

    Jonny is truly a professional who dedicates his time and energy to meet his client’s needs. He takes the time to understand what you want and is non-judgmental. When it comes time for the actual match or event, Jonny is quite focused and safe in all his efforts and his moves. I found Jonny to be very personable and down to Earth and highly recommend him for your wrestling or professional needs. He is young, mature and incredibly professional, not to mention quite talented in his field. I feel confident you will not be disappointed when you choose Jonny!

  • T. MA

    I’ve been a huge fan of muscle domination wrestling since childhood. I’ve had matches via online meet ups, but something has always been missing. Fortunately Jonny Firestorm knows how to do it right. With a perfect body and superior strength, he dominated me in numerous holds, flexed his muscles, and showed me his heel attitude. Most of all I always felt completely safe in his holds, but I’m sure he can adjust his pressure depending on your needs. I highly recommend him for your wrestling fantasy.