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E-Mail issues

Hi all,

Just wanted to say, I’m reviewing my various email accounts. If you’ve shot me an email, and either haven’t received a response just hang tight. I’m reviewing everything from Jan 1st 2017 onward. I’m personally handling all emails and accounts from now on.


Eurotripping 2017; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’m back stateside from my time in Europe, and I had a blast overseas. I had a some really hot matches, took in the sights, and partied a little (sometimes too hard).

I kicked things off in London, I had such a blast here last year that I was eager to revisit it again. London seems unique to me because it’s such a diverse city. I’ve been to many, if not most of the major US cities and I don’t think any of them come close to London in terms of diversity. You can go out in one night and socialize with so many different people, all different backgrounds, and stories, it’s really really cool. There’s tons of history and sights to take in of course, the nightlife is killer, and the wrestling scene is strong. I think my favorite match in London was a head scissors challenge. I’ll give my opponent props, his legs were strong, but mine are nicknamed “the quads of death” for a reason. Meeting people for the first time can be awkward, but this match was a blast. We exchanged some witty banter as we changed into jockstraps and took a couple minutes to admire what the other was bringing to the table before tearing into each other. I though I was going to get KOed a couple times, but I’m just too resilient for the best that Britain had to offer. Ultimately he succumbed to the power of my legs. I think I was spoiled by this match, as it was my first. After this, I had a string of cancellations, but ended things on a positive note with a squash job. I don’t know if this guy takes the cake as the biggest jobber in the U.K. but he’s certainly close ūüôā I thought hotel security was going to come up and break things up a couple times, he was a screamer!

Paris was up next, I didn’t spend nearly as much time in the Louvre last year as I wanted to so I was looking forward to returning. Again this year, not nearly enough time. I’m convinced that you need a solid week or two to go through everything there, it’s massive. This year I went to the top of the tower, spent some time wandering around the city, saw a show at Moulin¬†Rouge, checked out Sacre-Coeur, and drank too much wine. I primarily came back for the Louvre, so I didn’t plan to spend a lot of time in Paris, but I had a match scheduled that ended up being a no show. It is what it is, but it was a big part of why I allowed myself to come back to Paris, so it was frustrating. In a city this beautiful, it’s hard to be upset. I just wish the person would’ve reached out to me in advance, the hotel I book, the time I spend in each spot, etc.¬†is all scheduled¬†around the¬†my “confirmed” matches.

Rome was next, and it didn’t disappoint. Fresh off the cancellations in London and Paris I reached out to any potential matches to see if they were serious about meeting, if not, I was going to book tours and fill my schedule with all things Rome. Nothing really panned out, so I was happy to go into full on tourist mode. Rome has so much history, the colosseum was awesome. Trevi Fountain was neat to see (super crowded though), the Forum, the Pantheon, it was all super cool. St. Peter’s was jaw dropping, I don’t think I’ve ever been into a building more breath taking than that. Pictures don’t do it justice, it was really something to see. The Vatican museums were super interesting as well, seeing, and hearing the history behind the Sistine Chapel was pretty cool. I did a two hour gladiator training course on my final day. I think I would’ve been a natural, I was able to pick up on all the combat techniques naturally. I wasn’t a fan on the armor though, give me a speedo and some wrestling boots any day. I was glad to have the extra time in Rome to take as much in as I could, I’d like to revisit the city when it’s not over 100 degrees everyday.

After having a blast in Rome, I took the train up to Venice to prepare for battle. A battle that never came. This person deserves a serious FU, not only did you cancel on my once, but had the nerve to reschedule and no show a second time. Venice was a blast though because I was able to catch up with Cameron Matthews for a night. I don’t think Venice will ever be the same again. I was struggling with the water bus transportation, the routes weren’t confusing, but the water was just so choppy when I was there. I can take a beating from a rugged heel, but I’ve learned I can’t stomach rough water. Some of those rides were brutal. Venice is a pretty unique place, I’d like to come back and do some guided tours that are outside of the main touristy area (St. Mark’s). The last picture in the gallery depicts a young child looking at a cruise ship calling it a monster, and monsters they are. One moment you’re looking out at the sights and admiring the beauty of Venice, next thing you know these monstrosities come chugging along totally eclipsing everything in their paths. That’s not an exaggeration, they tower over every building, it’s awful. I hope they’re able to pass some legislation that bans cruise ships from entering the main water ways, people would definitely be able to get off on one of the outside islands and take a water bus over to St. Marks without ruining the scenery. It’s a shame.

¬†Last, but not least, I concluded my trip in Amsterdam! Amsterdam was bit of a shell shock for me. It was totally Americanized. English seemed like the primary language over Dutch, there were Dunkin Donuts on the street corners?! It was just so strange after being abroad and learning the basics in each country (hello, good bye, please, thank you, etc). I had a fun competitive match in Amsterdam to kick things off, I was happy to go visit the Erotic Museum that night, which is where my favorite sculpture (pictured above) is from. I don’t know why, but I think that the sculpture of the dude ashamed of his own giant dick his hysterical. Now, this is where things take a turn for the worse. Upon returning to my hotel room, I open the door to see my suitcase and it’s contents had been rummaged through. The things I could account for that were missing were my Nintendo Switch, a watch, and the envelope containing the money from the matches from this trip. I was furious, the hotel didn’t have cameras in the hallways, the times stolen weren’t big enough to be noticeable if somebody were walking in or out of the lobby with them, hotel policy is, unless it’s in the safe they’re not liable. My room didn’t have safe, but I didn’t realize you could call down to the desk and request for one to be brought up. I have no clue how the person got into my room, I was missing a key card, but what are the odds somebody knew what room it was too (unless I happened to drop it in the hallway where my room was), I think it’s more likely my room door didn’t shut behind me totally. I ¬†don’t blame the hotel, I didn’t see any¬†cameras in the hallways of many of the hotels I stayed in overseas. I’m not sure what I could’ve done differently, I’ve traveled before with all my cash on me and been mugged, so leaving it in a “hidden” spot in my hotel room as always seemed best. But, it happened, there’s nothing I could do to change it, and I was in Amsterdam, so it was time to go to a cafe, mellow out and enjoy the rest of the city. The next day, my last match cancelled, which seemed to be the icing on the cake for this trip.

As annoyed as I was with the cancellations and the theft, I reminded myself that I was lucky enough to go see parts of the world that I never would’ve imagined I’d see. Sure I’m stuck with a bill when I thought I’d make money on this trip, but the sights and memories I made are priceless. Next time I plan a trip, I’m going to plan it as a tourist, and if wrestling fits into my schedule that’s great, but I’m not going to go anywhere overseas with it being a “wrestling” trip again, people are too flakey. I’ll also be finding new ways to store my valuables when traveling, that was a real bummer. Especially considering it was my birthday weekend.

On a whole, it was an amazing trip, I had a blast despite the few negatives. I can’t wait to go back, I’d like to get to Spain, Germany, and Greece next year.

Club Firestorm members, I’m working on completing a full update as I type this, expect to see a brand new match, photos, a video clip and more free streaming videos in the next day or so.

Also, I’ve been dealing with more piracy than normal with my videos. Consider this everybody’s first and final warning. If I trace it back to your account, I will do my best to ban and block you from buying things again. I can appreciate liking the content and feeling the need to share it, but think about how that impacts what I do. I don’t show up at your work stealing things off the shelf or skipping out on my bill, so don’t be a dick.

New VOD, DVD Sale, Jonny in Europe

I’ve added a new VOD to the website, Jonny vs. Nino Leone. You can purchase it now, but if you’re a Club Firestorm member you can get it 50% off, along with many other exclusive Club Firestorm VODs.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Nino Leone VOD

Nino Leone is a feisty twink, fearless in the ring or on the mat, he’s always up for a challenge. This time he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Jonny wants to play with his jobbers, and has a full arsenal of toys at his disposal. Nino’s ass is red with welts after Jonny drapes him over his knee and whips the slender jobber into submission… and that’s just to kick things off. Master Jonny has returned!

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Firestorm DVD Sale

I’ve re-released the 5 Firestorm exclusive DVDs on the main website, for a limited time in celebration of my birthday. These DVDs will be available for a limited amount of time until new DVDs are released and will take their place on the website. The new DVDs will have different prices for members & non-members, so be sure to join Club Firestorm to maximize your saving.

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Jonny in Europe

I’m leaving for Europe this Thursday. I still have some availability in London, and Rome/Venice. I could squeeze another match in for Paris or Amsterdam but it would really have to be something that worked out with my schedule. Contact me to set something up.

Snapping to it

I’ve created my own Jonny Firestorm Snapchat. It’s subscription based (a girls gotta eat, right?), but it will offer subscribers the first ever behind the scenes candid view of my life outside the ring (as well as all the fun inside the ring and behind the scenes footage during shoots etc).

You can click here to sign up

Club Firestorm members, DO NOT sign up. You’re going to be gaining access free of charge as long as you’re a current Club Firestorm member. I will be reaching out to you all, and add¬†a section to Club Firestorm explaining how this will work.

New VOD- What if, a brief update

Hey everybody, it’s been awhile. I’m still having some computer issues, but have found enough workarounds by now that I’m able to do almost everything I was able to before.

I think I’m going to be in Florida in March, the trip isn’t booked yet but it should be early-mid month. I also might be visiting NYC around the middle of the month. I’m catching back up on emails (I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind) so hang in there.

Getting to the good stuff…

What If- Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander

Imagine a world where Jonny was a novice¬†without¬†an ounce of wrestling knowledge or talent in his body, and where Ty was the ultimate heel. The new “What If” series makes that a reality. Watch a naive, talentless, superfan Jonny get manhandled and humiliated by his idol.

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Chase Addams, Biff Farrell custom taping

I’m going to be doing a small custom taping next weekend. Chase Addams will be making a rare appearance. Coming off his smash hit matches in Tag Team Torture 19. Chase isn’t usually in the area, so if you have a scenario involving him you’d like to see, be sure to pounce on the opportunity to get it done!

Biff Farrell will also be around and he’s packed on even more muscle than pictured. He’s now a muscled, lean 210 lbs!

I haven’t finished assembling the whole cast, but also available are

Drake Marcos

Ty Alexander

Kayden Keller

Charlie Evans


It should go without saying that I’ll be available as well.

I’ll keep this post updated as I add more wrestlers!


I can’t wait to go back! As most of you know, I shot overseas with Cameron for two weeks in mid-July. I ended up having a lot more free time than I anticipated, which wasn’t the worst thing, there was¬†so much to see and do. The flight over was pretty miserable, I forgot to reserve a seat in advance, so I was sandwiched between people.


We started our trip off in London, where we wasted no time getting wild.¬†Adjusting to the time change was a little hard, we napped a little more than I intended (but it was much needed, I didn’t sleep the night before, or the entire flight over) for the first day or two. We made up for it,¬†for the hours we were awake though. I was lucky to get a match in with a very good friend while they happened to be in London at the same time. It¬†was a really cool experience, I didn’t have a chance to cross everything off my to do list, it’s such a big city. We did head north to see some pro friends, and check out a pro show.


13662158_1556426011327024_8760872206069959150_oAfter that we shot down to Wales for a bit. The scenery is definitely different, especially for somebody who lives around Boston. It was almost like driving through Vermont, just more rural, and way more sheep. After making a couple stops to eat and see some castles, we ended up in Cardiff, which was one of our trips highlights. Friendly people, beautiful city, and there was a day long beer festival happening down by Cardiff Bay. After our Cardiff adventure, it was off to see Stonehenge.


Dublin was up next, we started off pretty strong (after a nap of course). I wasn’t feeling very well for this leg of our trip because of some heath issues I’ve been having, so unfortunately Dublin was the most disappointing part of our trip. We were supposed to head out and do the Cliffs of Moher, outside of the Guinness Storefront, this was one of the things I was looking forward to the most, but I was bedridden most of the day. Eh, it happens. Up next….


Paris! Or at least that’s what we thought. We ended up at some obscure airport about an hour and a half north of Paris. Thankfully, the person who was sandwiched between us on our flight over helped us get into the city. We probably would’ve been there a lot longer if it weren’t for them (neither of us speak French).


Paris, on a whole, was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. The only negative was that I ¬†surprised how poorly the grounds around the Eiffel Tower were treated. The panhandlers there leave an outrageous amount of litter, I’d assume the local police would at least attempt to take measures against it. I’d like to go back to see some of the other museums we didn’t get a chance to visit, and to spend more time in the Louvre. There’s no way you can see everything in there with one visit. I think next time, I’d opt for one of the audio guides as well, unless I’m with somebody who can translate for me. Not being able to read the signs also resulted in us sprinting across the Arc de Triomphe roundabout, instead of taking the much safer underground walkway, which we found after playing human frogger.

13738257_1558366657799626_1031883232933705997_o 13691116_1558687901100835_7004241448885409669_o

We capped things back off with another couple days in London, beat up the biggest jobber in the UK together, and it was time to head home. Thankfully I was able to reserve a window seat for the flight back.

Now that I’m back home, back on schedule, and finally settled in, I’m working on a couple ideas, and arranging a big shoot for August. I’ve been dealing with a variety of health issues, they seem to be under control, but things were a little scary for awhile. I was really close to having to cancel my trip to Europe. All I have to contend with now are a couple nagging injuries (I fractured my ankle the week before I left for Europe). It’s also my birthday month! I’m not sure I’m going to offer the DVD specials like I did last year, but I have something else planned. Football season is almost here, I can’t wait to see how Jimmy G plays until TB12 comes back and dominates the NFL. If they can stay healthy, I don’t see why this team can’t win another Super Bowl.