Monthly Archives: September 2015

Here comes the sun

I know I haven’t posted much lately. I haven’t responded to many emails, texts, phone calls, singing telegrams, or any other forms of communication. I haven’t been lazy, we’ll, I guess I have. I’ve been doing though a bit of a depression spell. I don’t have any rhyme or reason as to why, but it’s been very difficult for me for the past month or so.

I know this isn’t typically what you want to read coming to Jonny Firestorm’s wrestling blog, but it’s what’s been going on in the real life of Jonny the person. I had practically shut myself off from the world, stopped doing any, and all of my responsibilities, cancelled/blew off all my social plans. I spent a lot of time just laying down on my couch. I have been trying to force myself to stay on my new diet and work out plan. I’ve been struggling with that as well though. My energy levels just aren’t there to go super hard in the gym. My sleep schedule has been very erratic, which hasn’t helped with having energy to hit the gym, or helped me stay on point with the diet.

I don’t know what causes it in my case. For some reason, the end of the summer has always been a time period that I’ve struggled with. Some people get depressed in the winter, for me, it’s August into September. I think that’s why I tried to hype up my birthday so much this year. I though if I had a super awesome birthday it would help get me though it. It didn’t help, which was frustrating. It’s seemed like anything I’ve tried to do has failed. I’ve felt very helpless, out of control, and defeated lately. I was even contemplating giving my “I’ve lost my smile” speech and walking away for a bit. Thankfully, I feel like I’ve turned the corner finally. Like if I was Eeyore, and somebody came along and gave me an umbrella. I feel like I’ve gone from this, to this.


Ok, so maybe it’s not that drastic. I’m surprised I’ve gotten this far into this blog post. I’ve started and deleted at least a dozen different posts over the last month or so. I just wouldn’t care/lose interest/have no drive to finish anything more than a couple sentences. A positive sign. I plan on spending the next week catching up on all my unanswered messages. I have the Club Firestorm update to prep tomorrow for it’s release on Tuesday. I haven’t decided what the match will be yet, but the clip is hot, and the photo gallery is nearly twice as big as they normally are.

Now that I’m staring to feel more like myself again, it’s going to be time to get some much needed content filmed for the site, Club Firestorm, and a couple other projects I had been working on. More importantly, it’s time to get back to beating on some jobbers!


Ps. Just a reminder