Monthly Archives: July 2022

In Florida, custom tapings, private matches and more, oh my!

I’m in Florida for the next week and I’ll have some time to film any custom requests, maybe do a private match or any other requests that catch my interest.

I’ll update with correct names and photos when the boys start arriving but so far the line up of people that are here

Kayden Keller

Ash DeLeon

Freddy Campbell

Forrest Taylor

Forrest Taylor

Kirk Donahue

Ace Arrons

For private matches you’d need to be in the Fort Lauderdale area, I won’t have the free time to travel out of the vicinity this trip.

A few of the boys are open to some of the more extreme matches to film such as ball bashing, or rough beat downs etc.

I’ll update this post if any other notable wrestlers show up or the new guys here become willing to do custom matches.

But get your scripts in to