Monthly Archives: June 2017

Aryx Quinn vs. Kip Sorell: VOD

Who let the hunks out?!? Kip’s bound in the corner, totally helpless when the match begins. The opportunistic Aryx Quinn takes full advantage of the situation, nipple twists, crotch crushing, and more. It doesn’t get any easier for poor Kip, but Aryx does untie him so they can “have a fair fight”, as if there’s such a thing with the buffest bad boy in wrestling. Aryx is methodical and sadistic with his assault on the pretty boy. By the end of the match, Kip is totally broken. Unless hell freezes over this is likely the only time you’ll ever see these two in the ring together ever again, on this site or elsewhere.

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Kid Karisma vs. Christian Taylor: VOD

Some matches need no description, this would be one of them. Kid Karisma is┬ájust that- he’s a hunky, buff ball off muscle and charisma. Normally we’d feel bad for whoever stepped in the ring with Kid K, but it just so happens that it’s one of our favorite jobbers, Christian Taylor. If he chose to Christian could have his picture plastered on the side of one of those teeny bopper shopping bags, but instead he chose to step in the ring with one of the most dominating BGE wrestlers of the last decade. Bravery, stupidity…attraction?! No matter the reason, we’re glad he did. Kid Karisma has his way with the pretty boy for over 30 minutes of sweaty, sexy, wrestle-stud action!

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