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Jonny Firestorm, out for the season

A sleep deprived brief Jonny update…

Jonny Firestorm, BG East, Heel #1 has been placed on injured reserve this past week with an ACL injury. You can drop him from your fantasy speedo wrestling rosters. Check the waiver wire for Guido Genatto, or Lane Hartley.

All joking aside. I am on the shelf for a bit. I caught news that a local wrestling school had a influx of new talent, so I went down to scout some of the rookies out. I had a lot of fun wrestling around with them, offering some tips, helping refine their technique a bit. We did a series of 6 man tag team matches, and I went down like a sack of bricks. It was a freak accident, nothing that I haven’t done a hundred times. I knew instantly that it wasn’t good.

I had a pity party for myself for a day, and now I’m trying to make the best of it. I was planning on returning to the pro scene, had been hitting the gym a bit, was offered an assistant coach position to coach wrestling at my high school. I was really excited about this coming winter. There will be some changes with the Club Firestorm content, you’re going to see more matches mixed in that don’t involve me. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of Jonny matches released. I just want to make sure I’m not scraping the bottom of the barrel of my unreleased matches before I’m able to film new ones.

I’m actually down in Florida right now, assisting with a week long BG East taping. Well, assisting as much as I can on one leg. We’re filming some really cool stuff so far. We have a new rookie, who has been able to pick things up pretty quickly. I wish I was healthy enough to get in the squared circle and give him a Firestorm welcome to BGE.

The Club Firestorm update is pretty damn good this week as well. I hope all the members enjoy!

On a more serious note, my thoughts go out to the people of Paris, and Beirut. It really makes me sad to see stuff like this happen, it’s all so senseless.

I’m a little nervous about the Patriots playing the G-men tomorrow. Injuries on the Pats o-line make me nervous, the passing matchup makes me a little nervous, and the Giants always play New England tough. I’m not going to be able to watch it live, but hopefully things pan out well for TB12.

Going to catch some shut eye, hopefully. Night/g’morning all.


This would normally be an exclusive Club Firestorm member update, but in the spirit of Halloween, I’m making “Treat” available to everybody.

So whats new for this Club Firestorm update?

New Exclusive Content

Jonny Firestorm vs. Austin Cooper- Sleeper hold challenge. 20 minutes. $25 download. Poor Austin has taken his share of beatings from Jonny in the past. This time around they’ve agreed to a special twist, the only holds that will be allowed are sleeper holds. Not exactly the type of match you want to accept against Jonny Firestorm. Austin is repeatedly knocked out, and revived, just to get knocked back out again. Standing up, on the mat, tied in the ropes, and in the corner. Sleeper holds, cobra clutches, kiss of death sleepers, figure 4 head scissors, dragon sleepers, and more!

(Note: Usually there would be a buy now option here, Club Firestorm Members can head to the Exclusive Content page to purchase the match)

Free Video Clip: Jonny Firestorm vs. Biff Farrell

Photo Gallery: Jonny Firestorm vs. Masked Menace

Free Streaming Videos: Usually Club Firestorm members get 1 free featured streaming video, and one free pro style streaming video per month. This month, members get their treat, two free featured streaming videos! One sexy squash match, and one back and forth low blow, ball bashing.

The next Club Firestorm update will bring another Exclusive match, another free clip, and more hot photos!

I’m working on a couple special web releases, so keep watch for these upcoming bouts!

I’m super excited to announce the return of ARYX QUINN to the squared circle! We had a little friendly competition between the two of us, whoever could torture and force Braden Charron (who is in peak physical condition, perhaps his best ever), to verbally submit and give their body up to the superior heel, would have to grab dinner after the shoot. I won’t give away who won, but the food sure was good! After we each were done with Braden, it came time for the match up of the day, Aryx Quinn vs. Jonny Firestorm. All the other wrestlers in attendance stopped what they were doing, pulled up their ring side seats, whipped out their camera phones and watched Aryx and I tear into each other. When these bouts are released I’d suggest getting comfy, get your pop corn ready, perhaps a box of tissues, and enjoy the show!

That’s it for now Firestorms, enjoy!