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Jonny vs. Aryx Quinn live, Chicago, scheduling issues

It’s Firestorm Friday! I’m adding one of my most popular matches to date to celebrate.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Aryx Quinn

This match was a lot of fun to film. Aryx is a stud. Strong, skilled, relentless. We’ve had a few matches in the past, I can’t recall who is ahead on the score board, but that doesn’t matter in this match. The behind the scenes story that we’re alluding to in the video is the winner is the real “top man”. We had been destroying and having our way with jobbers all day and wanted to put our skills to the test. Who will be the true alpha male? Click the link here for more photos, the match description and to purchase this action packed hot match.



Chicago here I come! It’s not a long trip, I don’t have a lot of free time, but I’ll be in the Windy City from July 12-14th. My main block of availability for private matches is during the day/afternoon/early evening on the 12th.

Custom Taping

There is a working date of July 10-11th where I’m going to be filming a set of custom video’s. Unfortunately issues have arisen with ring time availability. So I’m still trying to work through that and get final commitments from the people involved. I’m hoping to have a finalized roster to post by the end of the weekend. Definitely missing having my own set ups now.