From my point of view

Every now and again it would be nice if people saw things from my point of view. I’m not a bad guy, I don’t go out of my way to hunt down and destroy jobbers… Ok. Well, maybe I do. BUT, it’s not out of malice. I can’t help myself, it’s my vice. Some like to gamble, I like love to punish pretty boys. I just happen to be in the fortunate position to indulge my vice.


(Pictured above BG East releases: Jobberpaloozer 12 vs. Jake Jenkins, Hunkbash 10 vs. Braden Charron, Ball Bash 2 vs. Reese Wells, Contract 6 vs. Brad Rochelle)

Like when The Boss dangled Rio Garza in front of me. I don’t dislike Rio, I think he’s a great guy, but look at him! How can you not want to punish those pecs, abuse those abs, twist and torture every last joint on his picture perfect, sculpted body?! I don’t want to say I get lost in the moment, because I’m very aware of what I’m doing, I suppose the closest way to describe it would be to say, I’m totally immersed in my work. The look of pain on the jobbers face, the way his body reacts to each hold or strike, the way his muscles strain as he tries to escape. Those are the only things that matter to me in those moments. Each reaction is a small reward for the work I’m putting in. Most times I could quit half way through the match, and I suppose it would be a satisfactory beating, but I’m compelled to finish. I need to finish. I need him, I need you, I need The Boss, and more importantly, I personally need to know that I put all my effort into creating a masterpiece. The jobber helps bring out the best in me, helps me reach my potential. I’d like to think I bring out the best in him. I’d like to think, I help the world appreciate the jobber more. What better way can the Rio’s, the Jake Jenkins, Austin Cooper’s, and Kip Sorell’s of the world be appreciated, than after they’ve been worked over, put on display and left in a heap of sweaty, destroyed muscle?


(Pictured above BG East releases: Wrestler Spotlight: Rio Garza, Hunkbash 11 vs. Rio Garza)

It’s an experience I don’t feel like many can relate to. It’s exhilarating being able to step into the ring and completely dominate another man, impose your will, and have him be helpless to stop you. So that’s why I put my thinking cap on, and tried to think of a way to share it with you. I could try a lengthy text description, a series of photos, maybe some clips of my favorite moments, but that’s been done before. It wouldn’t do justice to the experience. Then it hit me like a clothesline. Point of View wrestling. Point of View 1: Jonny Firestorm vs. Jake “Lorenzo” Lowe, will put you in the ring with me. Literally. For the first time ever, you will experience a Jonny beat down from my point of view. You’ll see the pain rush across Jake’s face with each gut punch. Only to be replaced by awe and eagerness, as I let him crawl up my quads to muscle worship me. You’ll also get to experience life as a jobber when the perspective switches over to Jake’s point of view. You’ll get lost in the moment seeing me cock back my fist and drive it into your abs, you might even feel the impact when I slam you down to the mat. You’ll be able to hear each breath, feel the ring shake beneath our feet, see the holds from each perspective.


(Pictured above Point of View 1: Jonny vs. Jake “Lorenzo” Lowe)

I’m not sure POV wrestling has a big market. Truth be told, I don’t care. I wanted to try to share a wrestling experience with the world, let you see things from my eyes. Or on the flip side, see how hopeless it is to be on the receiving end of things. I wanted to create, break new ground, and push the envelope. Originality and innovation might be another one of my obsessions. Just like my compulsion to give jobbers the beatings they deserve, the beatings they were put inside the ring to receive. I always want to think of a new way to do things, a new way to create or present the wrestling experience. If it sticks, that’s great, if not, at least I’m failing at creating something new.

I’ll warn you ahead of time, this is the first attempt at this type of match. It’s the very first real POV wrestling match ever.  Some other productions might have brief moments of POV angles. Throughout the whole match the perspective changes multiple times. There will be short periods of time where the camera angle is less than desirable, it’s part of the learning experience and they don’t last that long. During those moments there’s still something exciting about the experience. When it’s not the best viewing angle (which you could argue is more realistic, you don’t always have the best view while wrestling), the experience of either me applying the hold, or Jake suffering in the hold is still pretty cool. Not to mention the verbal humiliation Jake endures as he’s forced to worship me, and accept that he’s going to become my bitch boy after the match. The match is slightly over 40 minutes long, unfortunately the POV camera had it’s battery die before the finish of the match (which occurred shortly after it died) but the video ends in a very satisfying way as it is. This isn’t a buyer beware type of warning, I’m very happy and proud of the match as it is, but I wanted to be transparent so nobody felt like they were getting taken for a ride (except during the POV slams). It’s similar to my other “baby”, Custom Combat, it’s a great initial offering and now that I know the in’s and out’s of making it work, the next one will be that much better.

I guarantee this point of view is much more exciting than my current point of view. Which is staring between my computer screen and the ceiling, sick as a dog. So here’s to me feeling better and I hope you enjoy Point of View 1.


6 thoughts on “From my point of view

  1. Gary

    Best Christmas gift Jonny could’ve ever given his fans. A true first hand ring experience. The video is exactly as you described. The camera angles, thuds of the punches pounding your opponents abs, chatter throughout, dishing some jobber punishment, are all incredible. For a first POV match the video is outstanding and can’t wait to see what you do for a 2nd POV match.

  2. Dr. L

    This video is original and very hot. If the videographer is sometimes not quite with it, it’s because it’s a completely new approach and he was flying without a net. The camera work is more on than off, and when it is on, it is often truly exciting. The whole idea of showing a match from this POV is unprecedented and wildly inventive. Der Firestormer is as testosterone pumped as ever and provides all kinds of novel ways to put his ample crotch on display, but we shouldn’t overlook the contributions of Jake Lowe, who sells the whole thing on a high level. A heel is only as good as his victim, after all, and both are terrific in this match. Kudos to Firestorm and Lowe and the production team for something completely different and completely welcome. Hot stuff. Hopefully there will be more and tighter POV matches, as well as more Custom Combat matches that offer the choice of Firestorm taking some punishment as well as dishing it out. Continued great work from Firestorm, whose work just gets sexier and sexier.

  3. Brian

    Christmas came early as Jonny has delivered with a big present for us fans. I was a little skeptical about this POV match…BUT I was soooo wrong! This match is amazing and very creative. I was a huge fan of Custom Combat and this is right there as a great new way to video a wrestling match. It also in my opinion is the sexiest match Jonny has done. Two words: Damn and Woof! 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better J and keep the gifts coming to us fans. 🙂

  4. Frederick Carpenter

    All in All Johnny Youre the Best of the Best!!! Youve been my Favorite Wrestler!!! Keep up the Awesome Work!!! As Skip said to me Johnny is one Really Cool Guy!! and He’s RITE!!! Take Care!! Have a Great Holiday!!!

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  6. jasper

    Jonny you NEED to make more of these, just work on lowering the camera angle a bit lower so we get more of the person and less of the empty mat/dead space. This is by far my favorite video you’ve ever been in. Switching between being under your legs as you rub your gorgeous crotch and then punishing Lorenzo’s beautiful bulge was the best delight ever!


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