Custom Shoot featuring Monstah Mike

Hi all,

I’ll be filming some custom video matches around mid-September with the one and only Monstah Mike

As usual, check out the Custom Video page and shoot me an email with the information asked for there.

I will be adding additional wrestlers that are available for matches, but wanted to start off with perhaps the biggest star addition.

3 thoughts on “Custom Shoot featuring Monstah Mike

  1. Gary Briggle

    Can’t wait for your match with MonstahMike.!!! He’s incredibly hot and BUILT, and I know you’re going to punish, torture, wreck and demolish him, slowly and deliberately, with relentless sadistic brutality. Sleepers please!!?! Pec punishment. Abz bashed. Shoulders stretched and ultimately BALLZ BASHED.
    May I also suggest James BRANDO, who just started wrestling for TA. A magnificent bodybuilder who is capable and willing to sacrifice his phenomenal physique in battle!
    Thanks, Jonny. I’m an avid and devoted fan.
    Take care and best wishes, champ. You’re extraordinary and incomparable!
    Yours truly,


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