Monthly Archives: June 2020

What in the world is going on?

A blog title appropriate for the times. However, this pertains to the website.

As you can see, the website is finally back up after an extended absence. The only problem is all the media is gone. It’s been a frustrating, and contentious stretch of time with my web host. Anybody dealing with Go Daddy, unlimited web hosting isn’t actually unlimited at all. You’re actually saddled with restrictions that are impossible to stick with (especially where everything is so media dependent these days). I spent hours and hours talking with support, and they kept switching their stance on what the problem was. They gave me a list of files to delete, and once I was done would come back with an entirely different list of files to delete until it was all gone. With no end in sight, and no path to victory, I gave in to their demands and deleted every piece of media from the website. Despite my objections that I could just delete ‘x’ amount of material to fit under the limit they’re imposing on me. In a nut shell more than 1,024 files on the server, 1 GB of disk space, no large files (which they define as anything above 100 mb). I also had to promise that I would stick to these guidelines before they would reinstate me. I’ve got the run around similar to this from companies before (mainly PayPal), and it’s always struck me as content related (i.e. I have men in speedos wrestling), and some homophobe that works for them happens to stumble across my site and causes problems.

Moving forward, I have to do some massive reevaluating about how to proceed with my website. It would probably be easiest to just delete everything thats in place and start from scratch. It’s just tough for me to do because I’ve put so much time into creating all of this, not that it does any good without the content.

I’m thinking about having only 1 video up for sale each week. I’ll have to delete and upload the file each week, but that should keep me under the limits of my unlimited hosting plan. It’s going to take me a bit to go though everything that’s left and see if it’s salvageable in someway, or if it’s worth keeping the infastructure I have in place and just modifying it to the one video a week method. I hope to have a better idea of what I’m doing soon, and hopefully have something up by Friday.