Monthly Archives: May 2024

May 6-9th Custom Taping

I still haven’t unpacked from my last trip and another one is coming up. This time it’s for a BG East taping, so at least I’ll be in one spot for the week instead of jumping from city to city. I’m taking the next few days for some much needed R&R.

While I’m down in Florida I will have some time to shoot some custom matches. I don’t have a full line up yet, but this is a pretty good starting point. It should be a given that I’m available for any matches. So if any of these hunks are of interest shoot over to the Custom Videos Page and shoot me an email based off the guidelines and we can get the ball rolling.

We’re filming May 6th-9th

Monstah Mike

Gabe Steel

Dio Charachi

Tanner Ripley