Monthly Archives: December 2016

Bah humbug, CF Update status, new roster additions

The grinch struck early this year. I had a glass of water spilled on my computer. It’s somewhat working, so things could be worse. However there are some key things that just don’t work correctly. I’m slowly but surely finding work arounds to get things fixed, but for now the Dec 1st CF update is obviously going to be a little late.

I usually answer all my emails on my laptop, as it’s easier to organize, see our conversation & responses etc. The program is acting up (I don’t suspect it has to do with the water), so I’m hoping once I download the newest version of the OS and update everything that will fix itself. I’m a little behind on emails anyways for various reasons, so just hang in there and i’ll get back to everybody.

The good news is I have 2 new wrestlers who are available for custom scripts.


I also might be in Chicago at the end of next week (Thursday through Sunday)