2 Custom Taping Rosters

First up is a much smaller taping this coming weekend, it’s only 3 of us but it’s a hell of a 3


I’m going to be helping out with a BGE taping the first week of June, so of course that means it’s time to announce a custom taping line up.

The following are available for this shoot

Note, for this larger shoot, time will be limited. So I will be very selective with what matches I accept.  Please visit the Custom Video page and proceed from there.


2 thoughts on “2 Custom Taping Rosters

  1. Anonymous

    Rocky Sparks has a butter face, he just really needs to do private matches, nobody’s asking for him anywhere.

  2. Gabriel

    I’m sure you’re VERY hot, “Anonymous” with no avatar. 1/10 for you?
    LOL … you’re in no position to judge anyone, or be such a stereotypically shallow man.


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