Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black

Jake Jenkins and Eli Black are both very skilled, tough, and tenacious. Sometimes you’re just off your game, and your opponent manhandles you. Thats exactly what happens to ripped stud, Eli Black. He’s still tough and tenacious, hanging on in submissions as long as possible before submitting. Today just isn’t his day though. Jake seemingly takes joy in destroying Eli limb by limb. Watching his muscles pop, abs ripple, and face contort in agony at his hands. Jake’s unique pro/amateur hybrid style is on full display in this bout.

Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black 27 minutes $25


2 thoughts on “Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black

  1. Jimmy

    I’m interested in purchasing Eli Black matches; especially seeing him as a Jobber being pummeled! I already have seen this match with Jake Anything else in “the vault?”

  2. Anonymous

    This was amazing! Jake was incredible as always… any chance you could release The Wrestling Captain- Jonny vs. Jake Jenkins too?


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