Power bombed by PayPal

For reasons I’m not going to get into publicly, PayPal gave me the boot today, so as of right now I have no way to process payments/you have no way to buy matches.

I’m working on it now, there’s a lot of things to consider moving forward. I’m hoping to have something figured out by the end of the day, even if it’s just a temporary fix until I find something more permanent.

If you’re a current CF Member, your membership is still active, but none of you will be billed again. It will require signing back up when I have something permanent figured out, and I will be addressing all of you separately from this general announcement.

To the individual who caused this to happen, you know who you are, go fuck yourself.

2 thoughts on “Power bombed by PayPal

  1. Marc Hynes

    That sucks-keep me posted so that I can stay on as a member and buy your matches-I think you do really good work.

  2. noweighout2002

    Jonny, Keep up the good fight, and i hope it gets figured out. Love your jobber vids. Take care, and try to have a good Christmas. Scott from WI


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