You guys aren’t left out.. CF special offer.

The following post is for Club Firestorm (CF) members only. Need a compelling reason to join Club Firestorm? Check this link out, Club Firestorm info. If you don’t care what else is offered, but really want to know what I’m writing about, click here Join Club Firestorm. If you’re already a member, keep reading on. I’m only writing this lengthy intro, so people can’t read the post through the email preview. Well, that should just about do it. Now it’s time for the good stuff.

Don’t think I’d neglect my most loyal Firestormers. Technically you’re not getting anything special on Firestorm Friday, BUT, in celebration of Firestorm Friday, and the kick off of my birthday month, I’m adding an exclusive 4 match DVD just for Club Firestorm Members. Each match is an exclusive, never before seen bout. It’s run time is nearly 3 hours.

Match 1: Vampires- Jonny Firestorm & Morgan Cruise vs. Damien Rush

Match 2: Sleepers- Jonny Firestorm vs. Austin Cooper

Match 3: Terror- Jonny Firestorm vs. Kip Sorell

Match 4: Stripped- Jonny Firestorm vs. Braden Charron

This is a DVD set offering, the matches are not going to be offered on DVD in any other combination.

This exclusive action packed DVD can be purchased on the Exclusive Content page, or by using the button below. 4 matches, nearly 3 hours of hot, never seen before Firestorm action.

Sorry Firestormers, this DVD offering has been removed. A new DVD option will be added every week in August for Firestorm Friday.

Depending on the popularity of this offering, I might dig into the vault, and put out another DVD next weekend.

2 thoughts on “You guys aren’t left out.. CF special offer.

  1. Sleepme6

    Nice Jonny! Are these available (and at the current price) just for this weekend? Your entire birthday month?


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