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  1. Beachlvrer

    The Mail delivered and so did you and Ty! Amazing Custom Combat DVD. Poor Ty had to have been so sore the next few days after. Jonny you look great in those red trunks. Not to spoil, but there is one scene that is truely sadistic, you can almost feel the pain Ty is in and the smile on your face as you deliver it is mesmerizing. 2 things maybe for the future with the Custom series if it’s possible. 1. Have a menu at the beginning that allows you to choose the scenes you want and they play straight thru without another menu to choose from during the cut-scenes. 2. A possible back and forth match deciding on the cut-scenes who gets the advantage. Example: the match starts out even back and forth, then the cut-scene you choose which wrestler gets the advantage and have alternate endings. Just a few suggestions. 🙂


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