Jonny does London

My big travel announcement is finally here. I’ll be taking my long awaited vacation to LONDON! I’ll be there January 4th-11th. A little shorter than I’d like, but I’m still excited to get away and visit one of my favorite cities for the first time in 6 years.

I would like this to be at least 80% vacation, but I’d be foolish if I wasn’t accepting serious inquiries for private matches or other wrestling opportunities. I’d love to be able to make it over there more frequently, but seeing how it’s been 6 years between visits, this could be the last time I’ll be in London during my wrestling years. Who knows what the future holds, maybe I’ll never hang up the boots, but if I had to guess I’m closer to the end of my career than the beginning.

I’m not sure exactly where I’m staying just yet, it will be in the city. The last time I was there it was near Hyde Park. Probably somewhere between there and Farringdon just so I’m kinda centrally located.

Any good tips for things to do, places to go, fun pubs or stuff?


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