Club Firestorm Update

The following post is for Club Firestorm (CF) members only. Need a compelling reason to join Club Firestorm? Check this link out, Club Firestorm info. If you don’t care what else is offered, but really want to know what I’m writing about, click here Join Club Firestorm. If you’re already a member, keep reading on. I’m only writing this lengthy intro, so people can’t read the post through the email preview. Well, that should just about do it. Now it’s time for the good stuff.

What’s new in this update?

A much needed update that’s not just free videos! The photo gallery is still being worked on, that’s one of the more time consuming things that I haven’t been able to work around with my computer issues.

Remember, ALL VODs are now instant download links. You can now add multiple matches to your cart, making the checkout process much quicker.

I forgot to publish this last night, but here’s what’s new!

Photo Gallery:

Free Video Clip: Jonny Firestorm vs. Lon Dumont, free video clip

Free Streaming Videos:

Free Streaming VOD- Ball Bash Olympics 3- Jonny vs. Kayden

Free Streaming VOD- 2016 Club Firestorm Year in Review

Free Pro Match 


Exclusive Content: Sleepers 2- Guido Genatto vs. Drake Marcos

The Sleepers series is back, and the second installment is a Club Firestorm member exclusive! Poor Drake Marcos steps into the ring with the “Dirty Daddy” Guido Genatto. Guido lets Drake have a freebie on him, but once he tires of the jobbers efforts he mercilessly KO’s him repeatedly.

22 minutes. $25. Buy Now Add to Cart View Cart


Discounted VODWhat If- Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander

Imagine a world where Jonny was a novice without an ounce of wrestling knowledge or talent in his body, and where Ty was the ultimate heel. The new “What If” series makes that a reality. Watch a naive, talentless, superfan Jonny get manhandled and humiliated by his idol.

24 minutes. $25. Buy Now Add to Cart View Cart

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