What’s going on with downloads & Club Firestorm

What a week. In addition to having no way to make money (my knee, can’t private wrestle, and PayPal shut me down), I’ve had the flu the past couple days. This must be what I get for punishing all those pretty boys last year. I’m on the mend, and getting things done.

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  • If you’re a current member of Club Firestorm, fear not. You will still have access to all the content until your membership was going to expire. If your membership has expired because there’s no way to be billed, I’m going to be manually extending them. Just hang tight, I’ll be going though records and checking on dates.
  • I’ve signed up for a new service, and will be implementing it shortly. It should allow people to sign back up for Club Firestorm.
  • My PayPal account was shut down, which made it impossible for me to process payments. Both for Club Firestorm Memberships, and regular download orders.
  • All Club Firestorm Members are going to have to sign up again. I’m sorry, I know it’s a hassle. There’s just now way around it. I won’t reveal how, but there will be extra free content made available for a little while as an incentive/thank you for doing so. Expect an email from me directly, letting you know when your expiration date will be along with any incentives to sign back up.
  • As far as VOD orders go. I’ve figured out a way to accept payments for them, but it would involve me having to manually send out the e-mail links for the VODs. Which, I’m ok doing, but I liked having it be instant. But, for now, anything is better than nothing, so I’m going to be setting it up.

I’m also thinking of implementing a new level of billing for Club Firestorm. The monthly recurring membership cost would be higher, but you’d have access to stream every single match I have to offer, at no additional cost. This wouldn’t replace the current level of CF Membership, it would be an alternative option. What do you think?

I’m going to be doing some research on having a new website built, I have on person offering already, I’m waiting to hear back from a second. It’s not terribly difficult to do things myself, but if it were more automated, it would save a little more time. There are design and content features I’d like to implement but it’s more than I know how to do.

Time to get some work done. Hope everybody has a good weekend.


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