Custom Shoot, Chicago last minute

It’s looking like I’ll be in Chicago at some point early next week (October 9th ish) I haven’t booked yet because I’m waiting for one more confirmation from a wrestler I want to film with. But if I were a betting man, it looks like a 90% possibility. I do have wiggle room on my travel dates if theres any serious inquires for private matches. But as of right now it looks like I’m filming custom matches Sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th. It’s a small but good cast

From left to right: Jonny Firestorm, Elite Elliot, Jack, and Nathan FX.

I’d like to have all scripts approved by Friday the 7th.

Edit: I’ll be hanging out with Nathan FX on Sunday a bit, and if anybody is interested in mixed wrestling, his girlfriend is available to shoot with him as well. I’ve never offered mixed wrestling customs before, so I’m not sure if there’s any interest but we’ll all be together while I’m (hopefully) putting a beating on that pretty boy. So if you’re interested, send over ideas for that as well.

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