POV 2- Jonny Firestorm vs. Kirk Donahue: VOD

Kirk is the prototypical boy next door. His lean, muscled body and good looks make him a natural for Jonny Firestorm to hand pick as his next opponent. In this POV (point of view) matchup, you’ll see exactly what Jonny sees as he takes on the bubble butted babyface. Things start off with Jonny admiring Kirk’s physique, front and backside. Kirk soon finds himself on the receiving end of Jonny’s relentless assault. Kirk’s not a pushover, fighting back against Firestorm when he can, but it’s just not enough to top wrestling’s baddest heel. * Please note, two minutes of this match were accidentally cut out. It cut’s out about halfway through a head scissor hold Kirk is in, and picks back up during the very next move.

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