Braden Charron vs. Brenden: VOD

These two beefcake’s agreed to meet for a one on one battle, Braden forgot his trunks and went commando for the day. That can only mean one thing, a nude wrestling showdown! Tests of strength, crabs, scissors, and a back and forth low blow challenge are just some of the highlights. The loser is forced to beat his meat while the victor gloats.

Brenden vs. Braden Charron is a 19 minute VOD, available now for $30. Use the button below to purchase the match.

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1 thought on “Braden Charron vs. Brenden: VOD

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Jonny…

    A short note to say CONGRATULATIONS on one of the best gay erotic wrestling videos I’ve seen a long time, in fact, since CAN-AM produced their “Super Matches” and oil wrestling videos in the 1980s and 1990s. Those are classics of what gay erotic wrestling should be…and, this match between Braden Charron and Brenden Cage is in that tradition…and few, if any, of the current gay wrestling websites have equaled this match. I do hope you will continue to offer us truly gay erotic matches, which means more than just pounding on each other and includes trunk pulling, stripping, erotic holds, and sex.

    So, again, many, many thanks for this most erotic video. I’m glad I joined and look forward to more of these matches as you continue to be the real pioneer of gay erotic wrestling in the 21st century.


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