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Firestorm Fri…Saturday? A decade of Firestorm.

I’m late with my Firestorm Friday update. I filmed a couple matches yesterday for the website, and checked out a pro show that a couple of my friends were on. When I got home, I threw some ice on my knee, had dinner, and went right to bed.

Firestorm Friday’s offering this week is going to be a test run of a new feature on the website. I’m going to test out running an auction for a pair of ring worn black pro trunks. I’ve worn these on various pro shows, and are the same trunks I wore in my matches against Guido Genatto on the Challenger 3, and Riley on the Challenger 2. I just wore them recently in a private match. If you win the auction,  you can let me know if you want them washed, or still ring worn.


Club Firestorm Members will notice the latest update has been added.

I don’t know how I missed it, but this past March was the 10 year anniversary of my very first BG East match. 10 years?! It doesn’t seem like that can be right. Time flies when you’re beating up jobbers. Maybe I can talk to Kid Leopard and do something special to commemorate the “Decade of Firestorm”.

It’s Firestorm Friday!

As promised, I’m offering one of Club Firestorm’s Exclusive Matches to all of you. This will be available through this weekend only, to help celebrate Firestorm Friday, and the beginning of my Birthday month.

Jonny’s Custom Combat vs. Ty Alexander. Over 1 hour & 30 minutes of footage. Won’t be offered past 8/3/15 – NOTE: Video has been removed, join Club Firestorm to purchase.

Over 25 different viewing experiences without seeing the same match twice! Jonny tortures cute, jobber-boy Ty in unique ways that he’s never imagined. As the bout goes on, the layers get peeled off until Ty’s suffering in a g-string. This is available only on DVD because of the multiple choice format. Some of the segments include; back breakers, crotch abuse, slams & submissions, leg destruction, piledrivers, sleepers, scissor holds, and more!

8/3/15- 12:13 AM. To buy this video, you must sign up to be a member of Club Firestorm. I hope everybody that took advantage of the Firestorm Friday weekend offering, enjoys the match!

By joining Club Firestorm, you can purchase this DVD at a discounted rate, as well as gain access to other great exclusive matches, free video clips, photo galleries, and free streaming matches!

Enjoy, and happy Firestorm Friday!