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On the shelf for a bit

I’m back! On the shelf. The Firestorm comeback didn’t last very long. I was hospitalized last week with a health issue that needs further testing. Until I can get everything checked out, wrestling is against doctors orders.


That didn’t stop me from having another wrestling weekend get together though. If I couldn’t beat the hell out of some jobbers, I was going to bring in a capable batch of heels who could. Guido Genatto, Ethan Axel Andrews and Kayden Keller destroy the likes of Kip Sorell, Zach Reno, Jayden Mayne and a couple of my pro wrestling friends. It was especially fun to watch Kip get worked over by Guido.

Truth be told, we probably spent more time out having fun. It definitely helped improve my sprits after the week I had.

I also got my haircut! I know half of you were hoping I’d keep it long, it was just getting to be too much to maintain.

20140501-214856.jpg 20140501-214829.jpg

Well, that about does it for now. I’m down in Florida for the next couple weeks, working for BG East. I can’t release any spoilers of what were doing but I plan on writing again while I’m down here. I might include some behind the scenes photos while I’m at it.


My first BG East match

Most of you think my first match was against Brad Rochelle, in the Contract 6. That was my first match to get released but I had wrestled several matches prior to that. Now I’m not going to spoil the surprise and tell you who all my opponents were and what happened but I will tell you about the first match I ever did for BG East and my thoughts leading up to it.

I was 19, or maybe I was almost 19. Jeez, I’m already messing up my own story. I swear it will get better from here on out. Either way the point is, I was still very young, only 2 years into my professional wrestling “career”. Cameron Matthews had been on my case for sometime to come do BG East. I was hesitant. Not because of the content but because I was worried it would somehow impact my pro career. I finally decided to give it a go, what’s the worst that could happen? At worst some sleazy promoter doesn’t give me $15 to come wrestle on his crappy show in front of 20 people? I could live with that.

I was very nervous about going to BGE. I didn’t really know what to expect, how the people were going to be, what I would have to wear. At the time I was a verrrrrrry shy kid. I wore baggy wrestling pants for gear on shows. I just recently started wresting without a shirt on shows. I know, horrendous gear choice but it was sorta “in” at then time. Especially if you were a shitty Indy wrestler. Lol.

Cameron agreed to pick me up. I was either carless at the time or my car wouldn’t have made the trip. The ride in I didn’t really ask much about how this all was going to work. I wanted to but didn’t want to bring it up for some reason. So instead we talked about the local pro scene. So I was still kinda nervous about making my debut. Somehow I pictured I’d be walking into some super sketchy wrestling bathhouse. Lol.

Pulling up to the BGE facility, I was in awe, definitely not a bathhouse. If you know of it or have ever seen it you know what the deal is. I walked in and was greeted by Kid Leopard and the rest of the staff. KL was very personable and helped put me at ease. We were behind schedule (yea a real shock for those of you who know me) so we had to rush through the pleasantries and get right to work.

The arena had more wrestling stuff in one room than I had ever seen. I had some of the same toys as a kid. Lol. Now it was time for the dreaded gearing up. I was terrified. I tried on several things, hated all of them. It wasn’t because he was throwing me in g-strings or anything but I was just so used to wearing baggy stuff, I had never tried on stuff this tight. Well other than my wrestling singlet, that covered a lot more though. I hated the way everything looked. I was pasty white, razor bumps all over me, not an ounce of muscle and had on these little black speedos with flames on the front. Now that the gear was decided it was onto the match, I was nervous about what I’d be called though. I definitely didn’t want to use my real name, for the obvious reasons.

“Firestorm”, Cameron jokes. I’m assuming the flames on the trunks are what made him think of it. KL agreed, Firestorm worked. Jon is my real name so Jonny was the easy first name. I wasn’t in love with it but at least it wasn’t something like “Rod Steel” or some other typical porn name. I honestly couldn’t picture going by any other name. So big props to Cam for that!

Taking pictures always made me uncomfortable. I never really was photogenic and now I’m in the tightest, smallest pair of speedos it had ever seen trying to flex my non existent muscle for KL. I couldn’t wait to just finish with all the prematch stuff and get to the wrestling. When I look back at it, I can’t help but laugh. These days (because I’m in shape) I can’t wait to put on some form fitting sexy trunks and take some pictures. I still don’t think I’m particularly photogenic (or at least not like some of the other wrestlers) but I enjoy it.

Cameron and I warmed up, stretched out a bit. Talked a little shit pre match and prepared to do battle. That’s kinda been the fun thing about being friends with Cameron. We both get along very well but when it comes to wrestling it’s different. Almost like split personalities. It’s understood that whatever happens in the ring or on camera stays there. One of us might have some bumps and bruises or a battered ego after but we don’t (or try not to) let it carry over into our personal life. It was a tough match, I didn’t really “get” what we were going for. I asked for some guidance from KL before the match and he was more than happy to offer up how he’d like to see Cameron tortured.

It wasn’t a squash job by any means. I don’t think I was capable of such a thing at the time. It was a tough match with some good back and forth. I won’t spoil the match by revealing details. I haven’t watched the match recently but looking back on it I think you’ll be able to tell I was a Indy wrestler doing BG East. I approached and treated the match like I would any other on a wrestling show. It was go, go, go. I wasn’t methodically inflicting pain and punishment on Cam like I would now. I was tried to be a bad ass but I had never been a heel before! I was always interested in being a heel and felt like it came naturally to me more than faking the baby face role but at the time, no wrestler promoter in his right mind would book a small, skinny, baby faced kid as a heel. Once it’s released it will be fun to watch it followed by something recent just to see the difference and evolution of my wrestling style.

Post match I had a nice chat with KL. We got along great. He said I’d be welcome back if I was interested in continuing by BG East career. Obviously I took him up on the offer and the rest is history!

Top 10 wrestlers I’d like to wrestle. Part 2.

[Note. I know I promised the big reveal in "Weight a minute, part 2" but between traveling all weekend and a hectic schedule today, I didn't have time to take proper photos to post. It will be the very next blog update!]


Let’s get right into it, no need for cute introductions. You know what the deal is.

#5- Gary Myers

One time FM muscle stud, Gary Myers

One time FM muscle stud, Gary Myers

Who? He only appeared in one BG East video (Fantasymen 3 vs. Jose) but take a look at him. He’s handsome, he’s built, and he packs that green g-string very well. As funny as it might sound, he probably would be lower on the list if he had done more matches. But his single appearance has made him somewhat of an enigma in my eyes. I hate to make an assessment based off one match so this ranking is based solely on the possibilities. Even if he never became a dominant muscle heel, he would’ve made one hell of a muscle-boy jobber for me. It would’ve been a pleasure picking him apart.


#4- Kip Sorell

Hunky stud rookie, Kip Sorell

Hunky stud rookie, Kip Sorell

One of BG East’s newest Fantasymen, Kip seems to be the total package. His all-American boy next door good looks, his incredibly ripped muscle body, a million dollar smile, I’m not sure I can find a flaw with Kip if I tried to. I’m not interested in finding one either. He’s perfect. He needs to be punished for it. If and when I step in the ring with Kip I’m only going to be after one thing, his total destruction. It doesn’t matter how much he begs, pleads, or submits, I won’t stop until I’m totally satisfied with my work.


#3- Bass Wallace

Print this out and put it on every milk carton. There's a challenge to be answered.

Print this out and put it on every milk carton. There’s a challenge to be answered.

The Bass Wallace reign as BG East’s lightweight division champ is well documented. His win/loss record is impeccable. He was tough as nails, cocky as shit and could back it all up. Kind of sounds familiar now that I think about it. If you’re a newer BG East fan, you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check out his body of work in the Private Bouts series. This is another one of those matches that would be a challenge for me. I wouldn’t expect it to be a straightforward clean wrestling match, it would be a dog fight. I expect things would get down and dirty, I would welcome it. I don’t want to win some finesse wrestling contest, I want to be in a war. Where only the toughest, ballsiest, more ruthless, bad ass wrestler emerges the victor. In fact, this is not so much my #3 entry. It’s a challenge. Bass Wallace if you’re out there, if anybody knows where he is, or how to contact him, tell him Jonny Firestorm wants a piece of him. Anytime, anywhere. I’ll even fly him into Boston to wrestle. No mat, no ring, no video, no problem.¬†Email me- info@jonnyfirestorm.com


#2- The Brooklyn Bodywrecker

BGE's resident leather daddy, s&m, domination master, the BBW.

BGE’s resident leather daddy, s&m, domination master, the BBW.

He needs no introduction, I don’t need to build him up or establish what he brought to the table. He’s established his dominance over every BGE star that crossed his path, he’s been Kid Leopard’s hired gun, he’s a sexual sadist, he’s the ultimate leather daddy. I don’t know if I’d be able to compete with, never mind defeat the BBW. If I were to pull off a victory I’d have to weather the storm, try to push the big guys buttons & get under his skin a little bit, wait for him to retaliate, hope he makes a mistake and capitalize. I’d probably only have one chance , the Bodywrecker is highly intelligent, something that makes him more dangerous than your average bear. I’d be torn between trying to wear him down with chokes and sleepers or trying to take his tree trunk legs out and turn it into a mat battle. Whatever I managed to do, I would have to be extremely accurate with my attacks, one false move and I’d end up crushed between his thighs, pounded by his fist, and broken across his muscular shoulders. Those probably wouldn’t even be the worst things he did.


#1- Kid Leoaprd

My #1, maybe I angered him enough in the Contract 10 finale to warrant a ring match?

My #1, maybe I angered him enough in the Contract 10 finale to warrant a ring match?

Was there ever any doubt? He’s the man, the myth and the legend. He’s the ultimate BG East wrestler, the greatest heel who’s ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring or mat. He was never the biggest, but he was sadistic. Between his limitless knowledge of wrestling holds and his ruthlessness, nobody ever stood a chance when wrestling Kid Leopard. He could bend, twist and stretch his opponents out 100 different ways before they got finished putting their boots on. Kid Leopard put gay erotic wrestling on the map. He’s the godfather of this genre. He’s the Joe Montana of BG East. You know what though? I’m Steve Young. This would be the ultimate dream match, each of us similar in style. The holds, the counters, the dirty tricks. Of course I think I’d come out on top, I’m sure the boss would disagree.


So that’s my top 10. Agree, disagree? Who would be in your top 10? Leave a comment and let me know!