Here are some of the most common questions I receive. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to email me at

I just purchased a VOD, where is my download link?

The links are all sent out automatically by email. If you’re having issues, please let me know.

I have new credit/debit card information, how can I update my Club Firestorm account billing information?

Click here, or go step by step (note, you must currently have access to club firestorm for this to work)

This seems a little confusing, but it ends up working out correctly.
1) Log into your Club Firestorm account (or your word press account if you’re not currently a member)
2) Go to your account information, you should see the option to edit your information. It’s going to look exactly like the form you used to sign up, just with your current information in place
3) Enter your new card info and hit submit

Now, this will currently create a new billing profile, it does automatically cancel the previous billing profile. So for a brief moment you might thing “oh no, I have two active accounts”, you don’t.

Update Billing Info

If your card has already lapsed, and you don’t have access to Club Firestorm, you should be able to sign up again, with your new card info, and it will replace your old information in the system.

I can’t view any of the free clips or the free streaming videos (in general)

Some internet browsers don’t like video player I use. This seems to specific to FireFox. Any other issues I’ve encountered have been remedied by making sure everything is up to date.

I can’t view any of the free clips or the free streaming videos on my iPhone/iPad(html5: video file not found)

I was just notified this is the case for some of my older videos on iOS devices. Unfortunately it will require me to remake each video individually. The good news is, the videos play just fine on a computer or android device.

I can’t view my download, I hear the sound but can’t see the video.

Try updating (or installing) Quicktime player, or be sure your default video player can handle .mov files,  and the H.264 codec.

My VOD won’t finish downloading.

This is frustrating for me as well, I chalk it up to sometimes things happen. Try clearing your internet history and cookies, then try again. If it’s still not working, email me, I’ll need to upload the clip again.