A (very) quickie, progress photos

I’m getting ready to head back home. I’ve been down in Florida for the past week filming for BG East.

I did a match against a rookie muscle boy. I can’t kiss and tell, but, it was fun. I hope you’ll all (eventually) enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Club Firestorm members, I’m sorry for the lack of update, we’ve been pretty busy all week. Weather permitting, I’ll land late tonight, so you’ll have an update tomorrow.

img_1974 img_1970

Those photos were snapped right before my match with the muscle rookie. Not too shabby, but I’ve been totally off the rails with my diet the past couple weeks. So I’ll refocus, and hit the gym hard when I get back home. Let me know what you think!

Gotta run, don’t want to be late for my flight.

4 thoughts on “A (very) quickie, progress photos

  1. Dr. L

    Looking good, but how about some photos without the BGE logo spread across the middle of the shot?

  2. João

    Hello Firestorm!
    I´m from Brazil. I really love your matches for Bg East since a long time!
    I know that I live too far, but I´d like to meet you someday.
    And others wrestlers from Bg East.
    It´s a particular dream that I´d really would like to turn true before my dead.
    A big bearhug!

  3. BlacKing

    Bro! Looking big! I remeber watching you old matches and you’ve blown up since then. Between you and Damien Rush, a lot of gains have been had hahaha. Keep up the good shit man!


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