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The following post is for Club Firestorm (CF) members only. Need a compelling reason to join Club Firestorm? Check this link out, Club Firestorm info. If you don’t care what else is offered, but really want to know what I’m writing about, click here Join Club Firestorm. If you’re already a member, keep reading on. I’m only writing this lengthy intro, so people can’t read the post through the email preview. Well, that should just about do it. Now it’s time for the good stuff.

I made some small improvements (I hope) yesterday with how things work in the Club Firestorm membership area.

You’ll notice, there’s now a wrestlers section under the CF dropdown menu. This will allow you to click on the name of your favorite wrestler, and see all the content available. Photo galleries, VODs, DVDs, and free clips. The galleries are sorted to the top of the page, while the VODs/DVDs/Free clips are at the bottom.

Another big change is the way photo galleries appear. It was a pain in the neck to scroll through the photos section before, there were way too many photos showing up, it slowed things down, made it hard to browse through the available galleries etc. To fix this, I’ve hidden all the actual galleries, to view them, you need to click the link that says “Continue reading “. That will bring you to the gallery. I’ve also added one large image above the name of each gallery. That way you can easily see which match it is, without reading the name, wondering who the wrestlers might be, which match it’s from etc. I think it works out better, it’s easier to navigate, the page loads much faster. I’m open to all feedback, so let me know what you think.

You’ll also notice there’s a new sub menu when you place your cursor over the Exclusive Content tab. Now you can view only the Exclusive VOD download options, or view all the exclusive DVD options. I’m also thinking about adding additional options that would let you view matches only involving me, matches that don’t involve me, and matches that contain nudity or other overly sexual elements (jockstraps etc). Thoughts?

Speaking of exclusive DVDs, I’m temporarily making the countdown to my birthday DVD’s available again. I’m going to be on the shelf with the ACL injury for awhile, I’d like have more appealing content available. A girl’s gotta eat, right? 🙂

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