A little late

I’m posting this a little later than I wanted to, mainly because I’ve been busy this week finishing up a project I teased on my blog at the beginning of the year. I’m starting to see a pattern here, lol. It should be finished up tomorrow and I’ll have photos up in a blog after this weekends shoots.

I’ve been on the injury report all this week as well, thankfully I’m starting to come around now. I was fighting off a bad cold earlier this week and I somehow injured my neck. It felt like a strain, I just know it hurt to move for most of the week. I’m finally able to move it pain free and with full range of motion. My gym goals took a hit this week as a result, but I’ll get myself back on track.

I have a busy remainder of the week. Tomorrow I’m going up to BG East of film some matches with a hot new guy and one of our newest superstars. Friday, I’m doing a small custom match taping, and then Saturday I’m going to hang out with Cameron & company.

Speaking of custom tapings, I’ll have these guys kicking around for a couple days. We might have room to get a couple more matches in. So send those scripts in!



Kayden Keller, Lon Dumont, Dolph Danner, Biff Farrell, Ty Alexander, and of course I’m available as well.

I’m also very close to announcing a couple more projects I’ve been working on. These ones won’t take 4 months to finish, I promise. I’d expect the debut to be in the next couple weeks. Some really cool stuff is on the horizon. Speaking of that, I’ve been talking with Cameron about doing some joint trips together. West coast, the UK, etc. When we hammer out dates, I’ll post them here.

For those of you who haven’t checked out BG East’s latest set of releases, go do so! www.bgeast.com Catalog 108 has been released and it features some hot new hunks and it has one hell of a star studded line up. Heel Bash 1 is probably my favorite of the bunch, it has two hot pros, Chet Chastain and Dolph Danner, who are making their BGE debuts, Guido Genatto (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite heels to watch) taking on Ethan Axel Andrews, and Big Barry Burke squashing pretty boy, Rofl Fulton. Another can’t miss debut is Biff Farrell’s on the Lon Dumont spotlight. Biff’s the prototypical college jock. He looks great, he knows it, but he’s got a little ways to go before he can step in the ring against a seasoned veteran like Lon Dumont and come away with the win. I practiced with Biff a little after he finished wrestling Lon, and he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with once he catches on. Notice I said once, not if. He’s a stud, a natural athlete, who picks up on wrestling very easily. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t a candidate the boss calls up to smash poor unsuspecting jobber boys by the end of the year. Once his skills get up to par, I’d like to have a go with him.

Off topic, but I can’t wait to see this.

That’s it for now Firestorm fans!

7 thoughts on “A little late

  1. Eric

    I’m to hear Biff Farrell will end up being yet another heel. Between that and the Heelbash series, it looks like BGE has almost completely abandoned the hunky jobber scene in favor of competitive wrestlers. Well, not abandoned entirely, but minimized it. Even guys like Z-man, are transitioning into heel roles, but only at BGE. I don’t dislike that scene, but, honestly, it’s everywhere. And it seems like it’s everywhere because there’s this core assumption that somehow being a heel is inherently superior to being a jobber, which frustrates me not only because I personally prefer the jobber fantasy, but because there’s no bigger lesson in pro wrestling than catering to the audience. There hasn’t been a new jobber hunk in years who was proudly packaged and presented to the fans for that reason alone. It’s always in terms of a new guy who’s in the process of “learning” the ropes, as if you’re apologizing in advance for featuring him in a match. The result for me is that every match looks almost exactly the same: two guys who are “proud” to say they aren’t “just” pretty and don’t show skin and don’t have any latent erotic attraction to anyone or anything that they’re doing, which was always a fundamental aspect of the background of gay pro wrestling.

    I know this post will be removed, but I wanted to say it anyway. I just don’t understand why wrestlers like Brad Rochelle or Rio Garza (who wasn’t even nominated for a single Best of BGE fan award despite being the only wrestler at any company who has a fan-generated website that actually gets regular participation and appearing in three videos last year) weren’t good enough for BGE, no matter how many customers paid to see them.

    1. Jonny Firestorm Post author

      I don’t have much time to respond right now, but bullet points off the top of my head

      – I don’t agree that they’ve minimized the hunky jobber scene at all. In this last catalog they had Body Builder Beatdown, Heel Bash and a Lon Dumont spotlight that had hunky guys getting squashed. I’ll admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen some of those matches, so the jobbers might get in some stuff. For the most part it appears to me that they get worked over.
      – Z-Man in my eyes, is a very skilled athlete. I prefer him in a jobber role as well (look at him, how could you not), but every once in awhile he’s going to get his in. When he does, it seems like it’s against another muscle hunk, like Kip Sorell.
      – Speaking of Kip, I think BGE has presented him in that jobber role. He’s certainly not a heel, or even close to being anything in between. When you see his name pop up, you know he’s going to get crushed, and look great in the process.
      – Learning the ropes might just be a way of saying he’s a rookie. The text would get even more repetitive and redundant if everybody was described as “new” or “rookie”. Everybody that walks through those doors gets a basic degree of wrestling training, even if they’re never able to utilize it during their matches. To be honest, I don’t have much to do with the text, so I’m just telling you my interpretation of it.
      – Getting the erotic aspect of any match to show is something that frustrates me as well. It’s a hit or miss thing. We’ve had people who are genuinely attracted to each other go on camera and it just feels flat to me. If it was easy, everybody would do it.
      – The voting and nomination process is somewhat unfamiliar to me. I can tell you that Rio might not have won an award, but he was nominated. He might not have made the final cut for voting but there’s always a lot of competition for best body. Which in my opinion, is the most closely contested category each year. I’m a big Rio fan. Little known fact, I was the one who brought Rio into BG East initially.
      – I’m not sure I follow you on the Brad Rochelle comment. Brad was, and still is a BGE icon. He just might be the most appreciated wrestler that’s ever walked though the doors at BG East. All good things must come to an end eventually. I suppose you can never say never, but not everybody is going to stick around. If Brad ever want’s to lace up the boots he knows he’s always welcome. He’s just focused on other areas of his life.
      If you email me we could have a slightly more candid discussion on some of the topics.


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