Pro match live, progress report

The pro match I wrote about two blog posts ago (Better late than never), has been added to the store. Pro 1: Jonny’s Triple Threat Match is a 10:30 minute download and costs $15. It’s a very different match than you’re used to seeing me in. I play the baby face (good guy) in the bout and have more of an ariel arial based offensive attack. A triple threat match pits 3 wrestlers against each other simultaneously (no tags), the first person to score a pin-fall or submission victory is the winner. There aren’t supposed to be any alliances because of the everyman for himself format, but the heels in this match make a pact to beat me down and double team me every chance they get.

IMG_9601.PNG IMG_9592.PNG

Moving on to the gym update. I feel like I’ve been killing the workouts lately. I prevenatively took this week off from legs because my knee and hip didn’t feel right. It’s feeling 100% now but I’ll still hold off till next week just to be safe. Here’s a picture of me from about a month ago, actually they’re exactly a month old (March 16th).



And here are some pictures of me from yesterday

IMG_9704.PNG IMG_9707.PNG


Besides the crazy hair (I had a hat on working out), you can see the improvements in muscle size and definition. I was actually in better shape late last week but I had one hell of a weekend in Boston. Lol. Back on track now though.

Check out this jobber…



I like to do charity work every once in awhile, part of it involves taking the elderly out. Don’t fret Firestorm fans, Scott Williams didn’t come close to beating me in arm wrestling.

I’ll have another blog post up soon about the upcoming custom match taping and a couple more things I’m excited about.

Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel!

10 thoughts on “Pro match live, progress report

  1. pesach kremen

    Are there any matched=s of you that are 100% real with no choreographing or pre planned outcomes where it is 100% genuine competition. To me there is no such thing as jobber, heel, good guy, bad guy in wrestling. Thanks

  2. Brian

    Holy Hottness! I vote for more Firestorm Sexy Selfie’s! Looking Damn hot and fine in those pics! Cant wait to download the new match.

  3. JOÃO

    Your body is amazing now!
    I really would like to meet you and wrestle in Brazil!!!!
    Please, give me the chance!!!!

  4. Scott Wiliiams

    The things I do to entertain Jonny….
    Letting him win at arm wrestling put a smile on the little guy’s face…
    That, however, is as far as my generosity goes..

    He’s getting trim and working that muscle…gotta give him credit for that.
    (There’s a lot of satisfaction my part knowing I provide the inspiration for
    Jonny to be bigger, faster, harder, stronger…)

      1. Scott Wiliiams

        LOLOL U do continue to amuse me….almost as much as when you
        say you’re going to kick my ass……


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