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Jonny vs. Aryx Quinn live, Chicago, scheduling issues

It’s Firestorm Friday! I’m adding one of my most popular matches to date to celebrate.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Aryx Quinn

This match was a lot of fun to film. Aryx is a stud. Strong, skilled, relentless. We’ve had a few matches in the past, I can’t recall who is ahead on the score board, but that doesn’t matter in this match. The behind the scenes story that we’re alluding to in the video is the winner is the real “top man”. We had been destroying and having our way with jobbers all day and wanted to put our skills to the test. Who will be the true alpha male? Click the link here for more photos, the match description and to purchase this action packed hot match.



Chicago here I come! It’s not a long trip, I don’t have a lot of free time, but I’ll be in the Windy City from July 12-14th. My main block of availability for private matches is during the day/afternoon/early evening on the 12th.

Custom Taping

There is a working date of July 10-11th where I’m going to be filming a set of custom video’s. Unfortunately issues have arisen with ring time availability. So I’m still trying to work through that and get final commitments from the people involved. I’m hoping to have a finalized roster to post by the end of the weekend. Definitely missing having my own set ups now.

A peek behind the curtain. Braden vs. Jonny

Jonny Firestorm is back!

I think I’ve finally got the website in a good position. I’ve found a new solution for the video issues. Everything is fully automated and working just fine. I’m going to be adding (hopefully) the entire collection of matches to the website gradually. I’m also starting to film brand new content!

Speaking of filming, I recently filmed a handful of Custom Video matches for a few people. I was happy with how they came out, and wanted to share some captures from the videos.

As you can see I’m bearded and have longer hair. I’ve also lost weight. The COVID 10 pounds was real for everybody, I was getting chubby before that though. I’m not at my goal yet, but I’ve lost 30 pounds. I have some more work to do, and then I’m switching things up to add some more muscle and hopefully I’ll be back in classic Firestorm shape.

I think I’m keeping the hair long for a little while. Unless it gets too hot and I impulsively get it cut. The beard will be coming of relatively soon. So if this is a look you like, it’s not going to last long.

The custom matches were a lot of fun to film. A few of them kind of formed this cohesive story where we were all mooning each other, giving out stink faces to each other, and eventually ended up in a handicap match situation. I don’t want to brag (yeah, right), but I beat all three of those jerks. The other match was a brutal showdown between Kayden Keller and me. I think the less said the better about that one.

I do have some more matches to film coming up, so it’s an excellent time to piggy back off that and get your own scripts in.

Jonny Firestorm vs. Braden Charron – Stripped


Muscle boy manhandling! Jonny and Braden have a pose down before Jonny starts bashing the hunk. A sharpshooter submission leaves Braden helpless to defend himself against some gut punches. After finding himself bent over the ring ropes being stretched and pounded, Braden knows he has no hope of winning. Jonny’s not looking to defeat the stud, he wants to humiliate him as well.  A sleeper hold leaves Braden unconscious, and Jonny takes his trunks. Normally you’d think this is where the match ends, but that’s not how things work in the world of Jonny Firestorm. He wakes Braden up for round two and the real fun (and torture) is about to begin.

Click here to view the match page for Jonny vs. Braden – Stripped!



Thats all for now folks!

What in the world is going on?

A blog title appropriate for the times. However, this pertains to the website.

As you can see, the website is finally back up after an extended absence. The only problem is all the media is gone. It’s been a frustrating, and contentious stretch of time with my web host. Anybody dealing with Go Daddy, unlimited web hosting isn’t actually unlimited at all. You’re actually saddled with restrictions that are impossible to stick with (especially where everything is so media dependent these days). I spent hours and hours talking with support, and they kept switching their stance on what the problem was. They gave me a list of files to delete, and once I was done would come back with an entirely different list of files to delete until it was all gone. With no end in sight, and no path to victory, I gave in to their demands and deleted every piece of media from the website. Despite my objections that I could just delete ‘x’ amount of material to fit under the limit they’re imposing on me. In a nut shell more than 1,024 files on the server, 1 GB of disk space, no large files (which they define as anything above 100 mb). I also had to promise that I would stick to these guidelines before they would reinstate me. I’ve got the run around similar to this from companies before (mainly PayPal), and it’s always struck me as content related (i.e. I have men in speedos wrestling), and some homophobe that works for them happens to stumble across my site and causes problems.

Moving forward, I have to do some massive reevaluating about how to proceed with my website. It would probably be easiest to just delete everything thats in place and start from scratch. It’s just tough for me to do because I’ve put so much time into creating all of this, not that it does any good without the content.

I’m thinking about having only 1 video up for sale each week. I’ll have to delete and upload the file each week, but that should keep me under the limits of my unlimited hosting plan. It’s going to take me a bit to go though everything that’s left and see if it’s salvageable in someway, or if it’s worth keeping the infastructure I have in place and just modifying it to the one video a week method. I hope to have a better idea of what I’m doing soon, and hopefully have something up by Friday.

Firestorm filming next weekend, room for custom scripts

Hey all,

I’ve been a little behind schedule with new content, but I do intend on more regular updates. My first big step towards doing so is a massive taping I have planned next weekend.

For the most part a lot of the matches will be for various private clients and will feature wrestlers who don’t appear on my website, but some of the names you will recognize. So without further ado here’s the lineup

Me (of course)

Kirk Donahue

Biff Farrell

Aryx Quinn

Drake Marcos

Ty Alexander

Kayden Keller





If you  have any hot custom script ideas, send them over to and let’s see if we can get it done!

Hold tight Firestormers, some hot wrestling action is coming your way very soon!

Update and Changes…

I’m keeping this brief, I’ll be posting a new match later tonight. I’ll also be adding a CF Blog update about the status of Club Firestorm, changes I’m working on, a general update. I’ll be polling existing users about several issues and ideas I have regarding the membership area. I’m recommitting to making Club Firestorm an intimate quality alternative to the bigger wrestling websites, with my unique themes, intense action, and innovate match ideas.


E-Mail issues

Hi all,

Just wanted to say, I’m reviewing my various email accounts. If you’ve shot me an email, and either haven’t received a response just hang tight. I’m reviewing everything from Jan 1st 2017 onward. I’m personally handling all emails and accounts from now on.


Eurotripping 2017; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’m back stateside from my time in Europe, and I had a blast overseas. I had a some really hot matches, took in the sights, and partied a little (sometimes too hard).

I kicked things off in London, I had such a blast here last year that I was eager to revisit it again. London seems unique to me because it’s such a diverse city. I’ve been to many, if not most of the major US cities and I don’t think any of them come close to London in terms of diversity. You can go out in one night and socialize with so many different people, all different backgrounds, and stories, it’s really really cool. There’s tons of history and sights to take in of course, the nightlife is killer, and the wrestling scene is strong. I think my favorite match in London was a head scissors challenge. I’ll give my opponent props, his legs were strong, but mine are nicknamed “the quads of death” for a reason. Meeting people for the first time can be awkward, but this match was a blast. We exchanged some witty banter as we changed into jockstraps and took a couple minutes to admire what the other was bringing to the table before tearing into each other. I though I was going to get KOed a couple times, but I’m just too resilient for the best that Britain had to offer. Ultimately he succumbed to the power of my legs. I think I was spoiled by this match, as it was my first. After this, I had a string of cancellations, but ended things on a positive note with a squash job. I don’t know if this guy takes the cake as the biggest jobber in the U.K. but he’s certainly close 🙂 I thought hotel security was going to come up and break things up a couple times, he was a screamer!

Paris was up next, I didn’t spend nearly as much time in the Louvre last year as I wanted to so I was looking forward to returning. Again this year, not nearly enough time. I’m convinced that you need a solid week or two to go through everything there, it’s massive. This year I went to the top of the tower, spent some time wandering around the city, saw a show at Moulin Rouge, checked out Sacre-Coeur, and drank too much wine. I primarily came back for the Louvre, so I didn’t plan to spend a lot of time in Paris, but I had a match scheduled that ended up being a no show. It is what it is, but it was a big part of why I allowed myself to come back to Paris, so it was frustrating. In a city this beautiful, it’s hard to be upset. I just wish the person would’ve reached out to me in advance, the hotel I book, the time I spend in each spot, etc. is all scheduled around the my “confirmed” matches.

Rome was next, and it didn’t disappoint. Fresh off the cancellations in London and Paris I reached out to any potential matches to see if they were serious about meeting, if not, I was going to book tours and fill my schedule with all things Rome. Nothing really panned out, so I was happy to go into full on tourist mode. Rome has so much history, the colosseum was awesome. Trevi Fountain was neat to see (super crowded though), the Forum, the Pantheon, it was all super cool. St. Peter’s was jaw dropping, I don’t think I’ve ever been into a building more breath taking than that. Pictures don’t do it justice, it was really something to see. The Vatican museums were super interesting as well, seeing, and hearing the history behind the Sistine Chapel was pretty cool. I did a two hour gladiator training course on my final day. I think I would’ve been a natural, I was able to pick up on all the combat techniques naturally. I wasn’t a fan on the armor though, give me a speedo and some wrestling boots any day. I was glad to have the extra time in Rome to take as much in as I could, I’d like to revisit the city when it’s not over 100 degrees everyday.

After having a blast in Rome, I took the train up to Venice to prepare for battle. A battle that never came. This person deserves a serious FU, not only did you cancel on my once, but had the nerve to reschedule and no show a second time. Venice was a blast though because I was able to catch up with Cameron Matthews for a night. I don’t think Venice will ever be the same again. I was struggling with the water bus transportation, the routes weren’t confusing, but the water was just so choppy when I was there. I can take a beating from a rugged heel, but I’ve learned I can’t stomach rough water. Some of those rides were brutal. Venice is a pretty unique place, I’d like to come back and do some guided tours that are outside of the main touristy area (St. Mark’s). The last picture in the gallery depicts a young child looking at a cruise ship calling it a monster, and monsters they are. One moment you’re looking out at the sights and admiring the beauty of Venice, next thing you know these monstrosities come chugging along totally eclipsing everything in their paths. That’s not an exaggeration, they tower over every building, it’s awful. I hope they’re able to pass some legislation that bans cruise ships from entering the main water ways, people would definitely be able to get off on one of the outside islands and take a water bus over to St. Marks without ruining the scenery. It’s a shame.

 Last, but not least, I concluded my trip in Amsterdam! Amsterdam was bit of a shell shock for me. It was totally Americanized. English seemed like the primary language over Dutch, there were Dunkin Donuts on the street corners?! It was just so strange after being abroad and learning the basics in each country (hello, good bye, please, thank you, etc). I had a fun competitive match in Amsterdam to kick things off, I was happy to go visit the Erotic Museum that night, which is where my favorite sculpture (pictured above) is from. I don’t know why, but I think that the sculpture of the dude ashamed of his own giant dick his hysterical. Now, this is where things take a turn for the worse. Upon returning to my hotel room, I open the door to see my suitcase and it’s contents had been rummaged through. The things I could account for that were missing were my Nintendo Switch, a watch, and the envelope containing the money from the matches from this trip. I was furious, the hotel didn’t have cameras in the hallways, the times stolen weren’t big enough to be noticeable if somebody were walking in or out of the lobby with them, hotel policy is, unless it’s in the safe they’re not liable. My room didn’t have safe, but I didn’t realize you could call down to the desk and request for one to be brought up. I have no clue how the person got into my room, I was missing a key card, but what are the odds somebody knew what room it was too (unless I happened to drop it in the hallway where my room was), I think it’s more likely my room door didn’t shut behind me totally. I  don’t blame the hotel, I didn’t see any cameras in the hallways of many of the hotels I stayed in overseas. I’m not sure what I could’ve done differently, I’ve traveled before with all my cash on me and been mugged, so leaving it in a “hidden” spot in my hotel room as always seemed best. But, it happened, there’s nothing I could do to change it, and I was in Amsterdam, so it was time to go to a cafe, mellow out and enjoy the rest of the city. The next day, my last match cancelled, which seemed to be the icing on the cake for this trip.

As annoyed as I was with the cancellations and the theft, I reminded myself that I was lucky enough to go see parts of the world that I never would’ve imagined I’d see. Sure I’m stuck with a bill when I thought I’d make money on this trip, but the sights and memories I made are priceless. Next time I plan a trip, I’m going to plan it as a tourist, and if wrestling fits into my schedule that’s great, but I’m not going to go anywhere overseas with it being a “wrestling” trip again, people are too flakey. I’ll also be finding new ways to store my valuables when traveling, that was a real bummer. Especially considering it was my birthday weekend.

On a whole, it was an amazing trip, I had a blast despite the few negatives. I can’t wait to go back, I’d like to get to Spain, Germany, and Greece next year.

Club Firestorm members, I’m working on completing a full update as I type this, expect to see a brand new match, photos, a video clip and more free streaming videos in the next day or so.

Also, I’ve been dealing with more piracy than normal with my videos. Consider this everybody’s first and final warning. If I trace it back to your account, I will do my best to ban and block you from buying things again. I can appreciate liking the content and feeling the need to share it, but think about how that impacts what I do. I don’t show up at your work stealing things off the shelf or skipping out on my bill, so don’t be a dick.