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Jonny in Europe, July 2016!

After years of talking about going it, my flight is finally booked! I’ll be heading overseas next month.img_2204

I’m going to be flying into London on July 5th, and flying back home on the 19th.

I don’t plan on staying in London the entire time. In addition to bouncing around some other cities in the UK, I’ll be visiting Dublin, and Paris.

I’m going to be taking appointments for private matches. I do plan on being a tourist, so I don’t want to fill my days with non stop wrestling. It’s taken me nearly 10 years to get over, so if you’ve ever wanted to wrestle me, this isn’t a common occurrence. Email me to get the ball rolling.

Unrelated to this, the exclusive match for Club Firestorm members this month might be one of the hottest matches I’ve filmed to date.

Downloads, technical difficulties, Chicago

Hi all,

I’ve been very busy this weekend making some changes to the website. The biggest change is all VOD download links are now automatically e-mailed immediately after purchase! No more waiting, you’ll get it instantly! Another improvement I’ve made is adding the ability to add products to your cart. That way you can load up on everything you want, and check out one time. As opposed to making multiple individual purchases like you had to before. The main site has been drastically changed as well. I’m going to be transferring all the blog content over to that site, and transforming this site strictly into a Club Firestorm area.

I’ve also posted a link under the Club Firestorm Membership Area to update your billing info, before there were some hassles and hurdles if you needed to update your card info. This should be easier

Unfortunately, while making these changes, I figured “why not update to the latest version of WP while I’m at it?” Updating has been disastrous. I’m not able to update like I normally would. I can’t get photos to load into posts, I can’t switch between the visual and coding without losing everything I’ve done. I seem to be missing some posts as well. I’m trying my best to make sure everything is still available an working properly (if it’s not, let me know!). But it’s going to delay the Club Firestorm 15th update. I’m going to start figuring out how to get everything up, but it’s going to take me a day or two to figure it out I think. If anybody has any experience, or knowledge on how to fix this WordPress issue, please, let me know. I think it has to do with the 4.5 update/jQuery/JavaScript issue.

Last but not least, I’m going to be in Chicago at the end of the week. I get in Thursday, and I’m leaving Monday. My schedule is filling up but I do have more availability on Sunday and Monday, than I do any other day. So if you’d like a Private Match, get in touch with me!

That’s it for now everybody. Thank you for being patient with me though the manual download link time period, we’re both glad thats over. And thank you for being patient with me while I figure out this new update issue.


A (very) quickie, progress photos

I’m getting ready to head back home. I’ve been down in Florida for the past week filming for BG East.

I did a match against a rookie muscle boy. I can’t kiss and tell, but, it was fun. I hope you’ll all (eventually) enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Club Firestorm members, I’m sorry for the lack of update, we’ve been pretty busy all week. Weather permitting, I’ll land late tonight, so you’ll have an update tomorrow.

img_1974 img_1970

Those photos were snapped right before my match with the muscle rookie. Not too shabby, but I’ve been totally off the rails with my diet the past couple weeks. So I’ll refocus, and hit the gym hard when I get back home. Let me know what you think!

Gotta run, don’t want to be late for my flight.

What’s this? An update?

It’s been awhile, I didn’t really realize it till now, but the Club Firestorm members have been getting a lot more love than you guys. Well, that all changes now. Sort of. Let’s get the cheap plug out of the way first.

Club Firestorm has had several very recent (as in tonight) changes. You’ll notice them immediately by visiting the Exclusive Content section(s), and the wrestlers section. The discounted content and free clips are going to be following suite later this week. I think it’s just a better method overall for displaying content, and making sure everybody can see exactly what they’re looking for.

Incase you’re on the fence about it… why join Club Firestorm? This is why

Sample Photo Gallery (actual photo galleries link to larger quality photos)

Free Video Clips

Jonny Firestorm vs. Aryx Quinn

Free Streaming Videos  (2 per month)

this month features Point of View 1, and a fee pro streaming video.

Exclusive Content – this match is available now for one time access and discount available now to the general public, take advantage while you can!

Jonny takes on hunky, All-American college muscle stud, Biff Farrell. Jonny assumes this is going to be another muscle boy beat down, but Biff shows Jonny that he came to fight. Back and forth action, with an exciting finish. Can the newcomer take down the King?

Jonny Firestorm vs. Biff Farrell is a 21 minute VOD, available now for $25. Use the button below to purchase the match.

This offer has expired to the general public, you’ll need to sign up for Club Firestorm to purchase the bout.

You can also save some moolah by using this discount code while signing up, but shhhhhh… don’t tell too many people, quantities are limited, so it’s first come, first serve, use the code save5 when signing up for Club Firestorm.

I’ve done 2 pro shows in the last month, which is pretty much what I’ve done per year for the past couple years. I’m feeling pretty good, my knee has held up just fine. Granted, I’ve changed up the way I wrestle slightly, so I’m minimizing the risk involved. I’ve also been going to pro training every Monday at a local school. It’s not the most prestigious place to train, but it’s close by and there’s a lot of rookies. Coaching people up is something I enjoy, and being at a more inexperienced school has given the the opportunity to do just that. I don’t necessarily want to be considered a trainer, but I do like pulling people aside, and give them my two cents. So far everybody has been very receptive, and eager for me to help them, which is nice. Almost makes me feel like I know what I’m talking about. Most of them aren’t destined for anything other than local, weekend warrior VFW status, which is fine, but one or two of them do have the potential to make something of themselves. I’d also be lying if I said the appeal of going to a new school full of rookies wasn’t about recruiting new talent, and beating up jobbers 🙂

I’ve been dieting and working out almost as strictly as I was when I lost all that weight a couple years back. I’ve been in the gym (and killing it by the way) just as much, the diet has proven to be a bit more of a struggle. I’m taking a day or two where I definitely go over my numbers for the day, but for the  most part I’m on point. I’ve lost 15 lbs already, I feel pretty good, I think I definitely look better, and I plan on sticking with it for another month or two, just so I can get the abs back in time for summer. Just kidding, sort of. It’s mostly just so I can be happy with the way I look. I don’t mind being a little beefy, it’s easy to do with my height, adding on 5 lbs is very notable when you’re 5’5 as opposed to 6’0. My clothes weren’t fitting right, my belly was jiggling while having sex, it was time for a change it up for a bit. So fans of fit Jonny, get ready, because there’s no telling how long it’ll last once it happens. Fans of beefy Jonny, no worries. There’s plenty of archived footage, and let’s be serious, it’s not going to last, I love beer, and junk food entirely too much. Plus, football season starts in September, game over diet. However, as I write this I’m ending a night where I had a perfect diet, but had a couple beers too many. The carbs alone put me over my numbers by a ton. Need to regroup tomorrow.

I’m kind of nerdy, not full blown, but nerdier than most. I can’t wait for this summer’s lineup of superhero movies. Batman vs. Superman followed up by Captain America: Civil War is going to be super bad ass! Game of Thrones can’t come soon enough, and the Walking Dead feels like things are really about stop start picking up. Can’t forget about DareDevil this Friday on Netflix!

I’m supposed to be having a sleep over with the one and only Cameron Matthews on Thursday. Some St. Patty’s Day festivities at the end of the night, but first, we’re going to be inviting a select group of New England pro’s to my personal ring space to work out with us. It should be a really fun night, anytime we get together is. Cam even showed up to my last pro show with a “Jonny 3:16” sign. lol.

I recently had my first taping since my knee injury. I wrestled in 5 matches, which was about 2 1/2 horus of ring time. It was a lot of fun, definitely helped build my confidence back up. Some of the other in attendance were Kayden Keller, Drake Marcos, Ty Alexander, Chet Chastain, Charlie Evans, Brice Moore, Ethan Andrews, and Biff Farrell. It’s always good to get a bunch of people together to wrestle, but I also really enjoy the social interaction. Plus, being crammed into a hotel room together, and sharing a bed with Biff is never a bad thing.

I’m talking to some brand new wrestlers, so expect to see some brand new faces (like, really brand spanking new) pop up soon. I’m also working on getting some of those elusive dram matches put together, Chet Chasten vs. Aryx Quinn anybody? So hopefully you’ll be seeing more of those soon.

Well, it’s way past my bedtime, I need my beauty rest! Surer sleepers to all Firestormers, and to all a goodnight!

Happy New Year! Jonny vs. Aryx Quinn is now available

Happy 2016 everybody!

I wrote this ahead of time, and set it to publish just after midnight. I hope you’re having a great start to the New Year. Right now, I should be cutting up the dance floor with Cameron Matthews and some of my other wrestling buddies. Photos will be added from our NYE celebration in the morning, or if I’m able to properly update this post with my cell phone. There’s a good chance for user error, I’m sure the two of us will be a couple cocktails in by the time this gets published. So check back tomorrow just to be safe.

To help bring in the New Year in the best way possible, Jonny Firestorm vs. Aryx Quinn is available to purchase now!

Jonny Firestorm vs Aryx Quinn. 27 minutes. $50. Two skilled alpha males square off to see who the real top man is. Back and forth, double heel action. Aryx gets stripped to a jock. Outrageous action, low blows, biting, painful holds, KO finish.

Remember, Club Firestorm members have access to this match at half price ($25) , visit the Discounted VODs tab to take advantage of your Club Firestorm membership savings.

My knee is feeling much better (we’ll see if that’s still true after a night of dancing), I’m going to be looking at emails to accept offers for select private or custom video matches. I’m not comfortable doing anything too crazy yet, but if I think the match scenario, or script, can be done without re-injuring my knee, I’ll take it on.

Hope everybody is having a good night, be safe, have fun, and enjoy Jonny vs. Aryx!


What’s going on with downloads & Club Firestorm

What a week. In addition to having no way to make money (my knee, can’t private wrestle, and PayPal shut me down), I’ve had the flu the past couple days. This must be what I get for punishing all those pretty boys last year. I’m on the mend, and getting things done.

Photo on 12-18-15 at 2.17 PM


  • If you’re a current member of Club Firestorm, fear not. You will still have access to all the content until your membership was going to expire. If your membership has expired because there’s no way to be billed, I’m going to be manually extending them. Just hang tight, I’ll be going though records and checking on dates.
  • I’ve signed up for a new service, and will be implementing it shortly. It should allow people to sign back up for Club Firestorm.
  • My PayPal account was shut down, which made it impossible for me to process payments. Both for Club Firestorm Memberships, and regular download orders.
  • All Club Firestorm Members are going to have to sign up again. I’m sorry, I know it’s a hassle. There’s just now way around it. I won’t reveal how, but there will be extra free content made available for a little while as an incentive/thank you for doing so. Expect an email from me directly, letting you know when your expiration date will be along with any incentives to sign back up.
  • As far as VOD orders go. I’ve figured out a way to accept payments for them, but it would involve me having to manually send out the e-mail links for the VODs. Which, I’m ok doing, but I liked having it be instant. But, for now, anything is better than nothing, so I’m going to be setting it up.

I’m also thinking of implementing a new level of billing for Club Firestorm. The monthly recurring membership cost would be higher, but you’d have access to stream every single match I have to offer, at no additional cost. This wouldn’t replace the current level of CF Membership, it would be an alternative option. What do you think?

I’m going to be doing some research on having a new website built, I have on person offering already, I’m waiting to hear back from a second. It’s not terribly difficult to do things myself, but if it were more automated, it would save a little more time. There are design and content features I’d like to implement but it’s more than I know how to do.

Time to get some work done. Hope everybody has a good weekend.


Power bombed by PayPal

For reasons I’m not going to get into publicly, PayPal gave me the boot today, so as of right now I have no way to process payments/you have no way to buy matches.

I’m working on it now, there’s a lot of things to consider moving forward. I’m hoping to have something figured out by the end of the day, even if it’s just a temporary fix until I find something more permanent.

If you’re a current CF Member, your membership is still active, but none of you will be billed again. It will require signing back up when I have something permanent figured out, and I will be addressing all of you separately from this general announcement.

To the individual who caused this to happen, you know who you are, go fuck yourself.