2018 Memorial Day Sale

Hope this finds everybody in good spirits heading into Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully this sale can help you celebrate with some fireworks.

As you know, Club Firestorm members get access to exclusive matches at discounted prices. From tonight through Monday night you can purchase this special Memorial Day 4 match bundle! With this special bundle, you’ll get each match at the discounted price of $25 each, as opposed to the $50 they would normally cost. I chose a couple of my favorites, hopefully you’ll like them too.

Ball Bash Olympics 2: Jonny Firestorm vs. Ty Alexander $50 … $25

After taking home a gold medal in the winter games, Jonny is training for the summer Ball Bash Olympics, this time his training partner is Ty Alexander (Drake still isn’t walking right after the first Ball Bash Olympics). After inspecting Ty’s bulge, Jonny’s not impressed with the size of his practice dummy, which only adds fuel to the fire. Brutal full on ball bashing, punches, stomps, slaps, kicks, squeezes, stretches, foreign object hits, and much more. Ty is stripped nude, whimpering in agony by the time Jonny is finished with him. A classic for Ball Bash lovers.


Aryx Quinn vs. Kip Sorell $50 … $25

Who let the hunks out?!? Kip’s bound in the corner, totally helpless when the match begins. The opportunistic Aryx Quinn takes full advantage of the situation, nipple twists, crotch crushing, and more. It doesn’t get any easier for poor Kip, but Aryx does untie him so they can “have a fair fight”, as if there’s such a thing with the buffest bad boy in wrestling. Aryx is methodical and sadistic with his assault on the pretty boy. By the end of the match, Kip is totally broken. Unless hell freezes over this is likely the only time you’ll ever see these two in the ring together ever again, on this site or elsewhere.


Jonny Firestorm vs. Biff Farrell $50 … $25

Jonny takes on hunky, All-American college muscle stud, Biff Farrell. Jonny assumes this is going to be another muscle boy beat down, but Biff shows Jonny that he came to fight. Back and forth action, with an exciting finish. Can the newcomer take down the King?


Jonny Firestorm vs. Christian Taylor & Skip Vance $50 … $25

Jonny enters the ring to finish off Skip, who has been demolished by the other heels. Skip his destroyed, tied in the corner, and forced to call for Christian. Jonny ambushes the sexy stud, and tortures him. Skip is helpless to watch, or forced to participate against his will. One of my favorite matches to date, a sexy 2 on 1 60 minute beat down.


To purchase the 4 match bundle, use the buy now or add to cart button below. If you’re lucky, there will be a bonus 5th match included for free!

 2018 Memorial Day 4 Match Bundle $200 $100

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